Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a good bank holiday weekend. Usually, I take the time to survey and marvel at Britain’s natural beauty and head down to my local pub for a few pints of (local) ale. Sometimes I even push the boat out and head to London for a cultural tour of our wonderful capital - entertaining tourists with my knowledge of British history and lapping up the smiles on their faces. 

Recently, business leaders all over the country have expressed their interest in making the upcoming Jubilee weekend a permanent holiday. They state that such an event will stimulate our suffering economy due to the increase in sales in the hospitality and tourism sector, as well as giving hard-working Britons a deserved break. After the hardships of 2020 and 2021, Brits everywhere are in great need of a break. They also need some time to examine their priorities and count their blessings of living in the greatest country ever created.


Bloody Delightful

I, for one, think it’s bloody delightful that we may get an extra day off work to celebrate our Queen. Just imagine the possibilities - street parties, galas, fundraisers, and good old jollies all in the name of our ever-enduring monarch. Union Jacks hanging from windows, balconies, and streets will, I imagine, be a common sight, and public discussion of our Royal Family will act as music to my ears. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m excited. 

The holiday is set to take place in the balmy June sunshine, meaning that we have no excuse not to get outside and exchange our favorite Royal anecdotes. In today’s culture, it’s almost considered cool to be apathetic about our great nation (shameful, if you ask me) and hopefully this new bank holiday can put the public’s priorities in order and show them what being British is really all about. 

I Am In Awe Of Her Majesty

I Am In Awe Of Her Majesty

Reasons To Celebrate

I know what I’ll be doing on this bank holiday. I’ll be dusting off the Royal portraits hanging on my wall, hosting a grand street party (should I be given permission by the council) and educating the local youth on Royal history and Britain's numerous wartime victories. 

My long-term goal is to make sure my area is recognised as the country’s most patriotic street - something I’ve been working towards for several years, much to the acclaim of local residents. 

Another reason why I feel so strongly about this new holiday is because of Britain’s lack of them in comparison to the European Union. We currently have eight annual bank holidays to Europe’s average of 11. Now that we’re out of the EU, I think it’s imperative that we lead the way and aim for no less than 12. We have so much to celebrate in Britain, and it’s unacceptable that more of our achievements aren’t recognised with days off.

Bask In The Greatness Of Her Majesty

We simply can’t let Europe overtake us. Now that we’re free to enjoy our sovereignty, it must be our mission to outdo our neighbors in every possible arena. I’d love it if those in Spain, Germany, and Portugal looked at us with jealousy - perhaps even worship - at our world-beating treatment of citizens and acknowledgement of our output. 

It’s about time the public were given another day to bask in the glow of our enduring Queen. As she celebrates her 70th year on the throne, I think it’s high time we gave the public an extra day to ponder the greatness of Her Majesty and her wonderful family. 

After two miserable years, it’s time the government did the right thing and put smiles back on peoples’ faces. Reminding them of just where they come from may do just the trick.



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