Bravo Piers, Uncensored Is Brilliant!


Piers Morgan Uncensored has the potential to launch Britain into a new golden age of culture similar to the one we saw in the 1960s. 

That may sound like a big statement, but I’m confident in saying that this grand new show is locked and loaded with that much power. It has received rave reviews from me and my friends and we can only hope that the programme remains on our screens for the rest of our days. 

How delightful it is to see a show that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. I’ve been waiting for a show like this for far too long and think it’s a tragedy that such a programme didn’t come around sooner.


Finally Charism Back On British Screens

In Piers Morgan Uncensored, its namesake has a creative space where he can explore world events and issues without interruption. While it may be tempting to lavish praise on only Morgan, we have to give serious props to the great Rupert Murdoch for producing this show and giving it the financial backing it needed to get off the ground.

Though the show is only a few episodes in, I already have the confidence to call it one of the greatest TV offerings of all time. Morgan himself referred to the glorious maiden episode as ‘’television history’’ - a statement I’m very much inclined to agree with due to its aggressive stance on the frontline of the war against cancel-culture.

It’s high time we were treated to a program like Uncensored. You see, British television has become more and more corporate and watered down over the years. Charismatic, patriotic hosts like Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan have been replaced with puppets who don’t have the gall to question what is fed to them on the telemonitor.

They’re not allowed to express any sense of who they are as people and are instead reduced to disposable corporate ventriloquist dummies who do nothing more than recite the agenda set by their respective networks.

I Agree With Maclean’s Comments On The Cost Of Living Crisis

I Agree With Maclean’s Comments On The Cost Of Living Crisis


Piers Restoring My Faith In Humanity

So bad has British daytime television become that I rarely watch it. When Piers took over Good Morning Britain some years ago, he went a long way in restoring my faith in not only UK TV, but humanity in general. 

I absolutely loved his takedowns on the values of this generation and how he injected some bloody good British common sense into a programme that so needed it. He was a source of education, motivation, and aspiration for yours truly, and his deplorable exit from the show last year caused me a great sense of malaise.

Early 2021 was a tough time for me as I had to say goodbye not only to Morgan’s tenure on the show, but also to the Duke of Edinburgh - who died mere weeks after Morgan’s departure. 

2022 The Year For All Things British

I knew 2022 had rumblings of a great year, though, so I can safely say I’ve bounced back from this brief spell of depression. The Platinum Jubilee is only a few weeks away, Piers Morgan is back, and England are most likely going to win the World Cup. It’s fair to say great things are on the horizon and life looks pretty good for yours truly. 

I couldn’t be more proud of this nation for producing a man of Morgan’s calibre. Much like a superhero, he seems to arrive whenever we need him most. At a time where logic and reason aren’t considered ‘cool’, the host swoops in and saves the day - delivering us from evil and leading us not into the temptations of Millennials. 

I salute you, Piers Morgan, and I can only hope one day I will be lucky enough to meet you so I may worship the very ground you walk on. 



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