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No chance’ Declan Rice goes to Arsenal - he and Mount have ‘more chance’ of being at Chelsea together 

Right now he is hot property and there are so many other teams who are going to want him. Arsenal are not going to be able to compete financially when it comes to salary or transfer fees against City or Bayern or PSG - it is just not going to happen. 

I think he would be a great fit at Arsenal because he has the technical ability and he would suit that team down to the ground. But, if he is available, then the bigger teams are going to take him. 

I think Rice is more likely to go to Chelsea than Arsenal, especially if Mount stays. They are obviously good friends, they go way back. Mount to Arsenal is probably the most realistic transfer out of all those scenarios. He is another fantastic player and he would suit that team down to the ground and he would probably cost half the money. 


Jurgen Klopp will be ‘really gutted’ at losing Jude Bellingham to Real Madrid 

He will be really gutted, this has happened really because Liverpool look like they are going to miss out on the Top Four. These top names want to play against the best players in the world, getting deep into competitions and ultimately winning trophies. 

I think if they can get into the top four, they have a much higher chance of beating Real Madrid to Jude. They may have to bend the rules and change their strategy a little bit in order to get him, because he would be so successful. 

The decision for him is pretty simple at the moment; sign for Liverpool after they’ve struggled and finished fifth, or go to Real Madrid and always be in with a chance of winning LaLiga and competing for the Champions League? It’s literally a no-brainer. 


Frank Lampard showed his ‘cojones’ at Chelsea - but his record ‘stinks right now’ 

I think he will be regretting taking the job a second time around. Lamps is a great character and I would have thought the players love and respect him, which makes it really hard to understand why it hasn’t worked. 

There’s a famous saying; you don’t go back to a lit firework. His relationship as a player with Chelsea was class and he did decently the first time as a manager. If he didn’t take this job, then who the hell was going to take it? I think he has done well to show the balls to put himself in that position, but he must be regretting it right now. 

The club is up in smoke right now, so fair play to him for having the cojones to do it and absolutely he will get another job. His record at Chelsea stinks right now, but there are so many factors which have contributed to that. It doesn’t mean he is a bad manager because he is not. He will have to take a step backwards in his next role, but I could see him being at a top team in the next three or four years. 


Chelsea have to do more to keep Mason Mount 

He has struggled with injuries at times this season, but I don’t know how good he feels in himself. If Mason feels good, he is going to perform. If I am the incoming Chelsea manager, I would prefer to work with him and keep him than try to move him on. 

No one would be surprised if he left to join a Premier League rival and started fantastically. I could see him getting into that Liverpool side and scoring more than ten goals a season, easily. Anything Chelsea have done well for the best three or four years has come through Mount and he has been involved with. 


Regardless of the Conference League, David Moyes should remain at West Ham 

He was one of the most under pressure managers throughout the entire season, but the board backed him and I am really pleased they did. Moyes has got them out of trouble, he has got them to a final they are more than good enough to win and hopefully they can build on that next year. 

They spent a lot last year, but they can invest in the squad in the summer and hopefully Moyes gets a bit more time. 


Alexis Mac Allister isn’t the ‘sexiest of names’ but he will perform at Liverpool 

I can see him coming in and playing a bit like Diogo Jota in the sense he is really clued up about the league, understands about the pace and physicality and hopefully that will make it really easy for him to get to grips with the way Liverpool play. He has an amazing ability to know where everyone is on the pitch. 

I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t know too much about him 18 months ago, but he has since put in some unbelievable performances for Argentina, won the World Cup and I think he is now just a way above the standard of his Brighton teammates. 

When he plays alongside players like he will at Liverpool, he will really perform. I’m a really big fan of his, even though he may not be the sexiest of names Liverpool have been linked with. However, just like Jota, they will know exactly what they are getting from him. He will enjoy playing at Anfield, he will improve the team and they can take him to another level. 



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