Bravo Sir John Major


Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has caused a stir by trashing Netflix’s Royal-based series The Crown and labelling it ‘absolute nonsense’.

The comments brought applause from me, as I have held a vengeance over the show since the first episode came out. Sensationalist, fictitious, and vulgar, the show makes a mockery out of Britain’s finest institution, and the fact it’s still on the air at this most sensitive time is nothing short of a disgrace.


Sir John Major Enraged

Sir John Major was particularly angry at a nonsensical scene in the show that portrays His Majesty King Charles III, then the Prince of Wales, cooking up a diabolical plan to oust his mother from power. Major, talking in perfect sense, declared the plan never happened and its portrayal was a ‘barrel load of malicious nonsense’.

The latest series of The Crown is set to take place in 1991, just a year before Her Majesty suffered a most unfortunate year full of Royal scandal and a dreadful fire at Windsor Castle. According to the scheming, charlatan Crown writers, ‘91 was the year that the Prince of Wales cooked up this awful scheme to usurp power from The Queen.

It’s a depiction that makes my blood boil, as Netflix has absolutely no right to cash-in on the public’s mourning following the passing of Her Majesty. It was, after all, just a month ago when The Queen’s iconic reign was cut short, yet those at Netflix have apparently decided enough time has passed. 

Fiction Not Fact

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith panned the show and wrote: ‘’The events depicted here are outrageous and totally fictional’’, before adding, ‘‘This programme is doing significant damage to people’s perception of history and their perception of the Royal Family.’’

At a time when more and more unfair scrutiny is being piled on the Royals due to their alleged opulence, it seems deeply unfair that they must suffer through this fictional portrayal. A shocking amount of Britain’s population is in-favour of a smaller Monarchy, smaller Royal ceremonies, and a slimmed-down Coronation for King Charles next year. What’s to blame for this anti-Royal sentiment? I can only blame programs like The Crown for influencing public perception. 

The controversial episode between Charles and Queen Elizabeth II is scheduled for release on 9 November. I, for one, will not be watching this disgusting show and I sincerely hope you don’t either. 

Us Royal-loving Brits have suffered enough over the last two years, and The Crown serves to be the cherry on the top of this painful sundae we’ve been served up over recent times. 


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