Britain Is Crumbling!

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Concrete Crisis

Britain is crumbling, both physically and morally, Lord Ping argues. Not only are our schools, hospitals, and public buildings falling apart, but our sense of morality and unity as a nation are in tatters, too.

Over 100 schools were forced to either partially or fully close earlier this month as they were found to be unfit for purpose. The state of these concrete-based buildings was described as ‘jaw-dropping’ by Labour MPs, and the crisis is being described as a disaster waiting to happen. Over 150 schools have been identified as being at-risk, with dozens more sure to follow. 

Last week, Newsnight revealed that the concerns surrounding aerated concrete buildings date back to 1961, which, for context, was eight years before Apollo 11 landed on the moon and two years before the assasination of US President John F. Kennedy. It is, in my opinion, a disgrace and an utter embarrassment to the United Kingdom. 

Structures Approaching Milestone

A substantial amount of the UK’s public buildings built between the 1950s and the 1990s used a material called Raac - a cheap, lightweight building material with a shelf-life of 30 years. Many structures are either approaching or are well-past that milestone, leaving us surrounded by buildings at the end of their life-cycle. 

The UK has had decades to address this problem, yet nothing has been done. The concrete crisis may not affect me directly, but many of Britain’s average folk either work in or are educated in Raac-built structures. Thousands of them are in hospitals built with the same material. 

Work To Be Done

In a way, I find the concrete issue to be darkly poetic. Much like Raac, the terrifying rebellious youth culture so ingrained in our country began life in the 1950s and has only declined since. Obnoxious music, shocking fashion choices, and disturbing anti-Royal sentiment all festered in the succeeding decades, and that’s one the the reasons why our great country is in such a steep state of moral decline. 

It’s clear that Britain has serious work to do if it wishes to fortify its buildings and its public image. The longer we sit there and do nothing, the more our nation will literally and figuratively collapse around us. 


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