“British” Weather Has Returned!


The summer of 2022 will surely go down in infamy as one of the hottest ever experienced in Britain. Though 1976 and 2018 saw more prolonged periods of sunshine, this year saw temperatures never before experienced here in Blighty. 

Peaks of up to 40c occurred in July and mid-August was home to days well over 30c. Parks were scorched into a dull, dark brown and ponds evaporated until their muddy floors were visible. Was it great? Yes. But, did the heat overstay its welcome? Absolutely. 


British Weather Is Back

The rain has returned in full-force and is bringing some much-needed normality back to our lives. Though ranting about the gloomy weather is a common pastime, people are unanimously embracing its return for a change. Hosepipe bans have been enacted, schools have been shut, and beaches have been swamped as the public have tried to adapt to, and even embrace, the abnormal heat. 

Temperatures will dramatically reduce throughout the rest of August, with thunder and lightning on the way. Though this would ordinarily be a dismal weather forecast, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who is not relieved the heat will end.

Infrastructure Can’t Cope

As much as we like to wish that British summers were as hot as Mediterranean ones, this great country simply does not have the infrastructure to deal with high temperatures. For starters, most of our homes lack air conditioning (though mine does, but few people are in my socio-economic bracket) which makes hot nights perilous to get through. 

Our major cities, great as they are, are far too cramped and congested to escape the constant sun, making gallivanting around London a serious chore. Indeed, there’s relief in familiarity and our disappointing, gloomy summers are precisely what makes overseas holidays such an exciting prospect.

Be Careful What We Wish For 

Britain needs to be careful what it wishes for as our trial run of Mediterranean weather ended with disastrous results. A satellite image, which went viral, showed a barren and brown United Kingdom with areas resembling the Mojave desert.

Lakes, quarries, and ponds laid empty as underslept, sunburnt-Brits meandered around their cities and towns looking for a place to cool off. The sunshine may have been a novelty at first, but the heat inevitably got on peoples’ nerves. 

I grinned in delight when I saw grey clouds form over my home this morning and I cannot wait for the wet weather to make its grand return. We’ve learned our lessons and perhaps we should leave heat waves to the countries who do them best and stick to what we know - downpours of rain, ruined picnics, and discussions of how grim our weather is as we sit in our local pubs. 


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