Celebrating The Beatles 60-Years On


The British public is celebrating 60 years of its country’s greatest-ever band this year. Has it really been that long?

The Fab Four’s first single , Love Me Do, was released on 5 October 1962, and kickstarted the phenomenon known as Beatlemania. The group permanently changed the face of popular culture and concluded the 1960s as the best-selling musical act in history.


Love Me Do

Love Me Do was among the first songs ever composed by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and the single broke barriers upon release. It reached number one in the UK charts, and went to number one in the USA in 1964. 

Last month, two acts recorded a version of the single inside Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home in Liverpool, where Love Me Do was written. Featuring a ‘dockside’ harmonica and overdubbed vocal harmonies, the song immediately stood out compared to the overproduced, micromanaged British pop music of the day. 

Influence On The Pop Culture

The Beatles may not be everybody’s favourite band, but the group had undisputed influence on pop culture, and their legacy is still felt strongly today. 

The United Kingdom had culturally trailed behind the United States in the 1950s - religiously consuming its output of films, music, and fashion. In the days before affordable air travel, the stars of the USA seemed exotic, fascinating, and incredibly mysterious to us Brits. 

Furthermore, the grayness of our post-War cities made the depictions of sunny America seem that much more alluring. Films were now in color, but Britain was still very much a monochrome society.

British Invasion

The Beatles-mad popular culture of the mid ‘60s, though, seemed to swing the pendulum back into our favour. Soon, it was our fashion, films, and music that was lapped up by the Americans as the British Invasion took over. Within a few years, London was the cultural capital of the world, England were FIFA World Cup Champions, and everything seemed possible. 

Though I’m celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Fab Four’s first single, I can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong for us. No longer is this great nation at the forefront of culture, and the last great artistic age this wonderful nation had was way back in the 1990s. What happened?

Over half a century has passed since the Swinging Sixties, but its legacy will never be forgotten. It seems crazy that Britain’s cultural heyday was formed in the living room of a modest house in Liverpool, but that’s how important Love Me Do really was. 


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