Coronation Chair Set For Restoration

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The iconic Coronation Chair is set to be restored ahead of this year’s crowning of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey. 

Eagle-eyed investigators have uncovered previously-unknown graffiti on the chair, one piece dating back from 1800 when the chair was on public display. Over the past 700 years, the chair has been viewed by millions of people and has sat some of the most important monarchs in British history. Fittingly, 2023 sees its first coronation in 70 years.

Restoration A Worthwhile Cause

Whilst people demand that more money be given to union bosses and striking public sector workers, I find it a relief that the Royal Family are instead choosing to invest in a worthwhile cause. I’d happily stand back and watch the Royal Family spend millions on the chair’s renovation, and I’d happily donate some of my own fortune to this most noble cause. 

Krista Blessley, who is overseeing the renovation, stated: ‘’It's so important to our country's history and in the history of the monarchy, and it's really unique as a conservator to work on something that's part of a working collection and still used for the original function it was made for."

To put the chair’s age in perspective, let’s remember that its first Coronation ceremony took place 40 years before the Black Death arrived in Europe and 80 years before Geoffery Chaucer penned The Canterbury Tales. In fact, the seat is older than the English language itself and its first coronations were held entirely in Latin and, quite possibly, French.  

Restoration For King Charles III Coronation

The famous Coronation Chair will seat King Charles III this year and the chair needs to look as spotless as possible. The seat has seen the Coronations of Edward III, Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II in the years since and it’s set to host another great British monarch on 6 May 2023. 

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture in the world, it’s imperative that the Coronation Chair is protected at all costs - even if it means ignoring the cost-of-living crisis altogether. If you don’t agree with me, consider what’s more important - the energy bills of a modern Brit, or the comfort of its Monarch? If you have any patriotism about you at all, you’ll choose the latter option every time. 

Westminster Abbey’s Coronation Chair will outlive us all, so it’s high-time we paid this wonderful piece of history the respect it deserves. It’ll still be here in 700 years whilst we will not be. 


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