Crackdown On Wishy-Washy Degrees


Crackdown On Degrees

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a long-overdue crackdown on wishy-washy university degrees as he aims to fix the issue of long-term graduate unemployment and Britain's stalling economy. Several degrees offer nothing in the way of practical use, and it’s about time our political leaders stepped in to do something about it. 

Modern universities try too hard to offer quirky, unique courses in the hope that students will join them instead of a rival. It now costs the average student £27,000 to obtain a degree,  and the first thing they realise once they’ve completed their course is that Basket Weaving or Experimental Gardening degrees aren’t in high demand and that jobs are scarce. 

I’ll always welcome a return to tried-and-tested values, and one of our main priorities should be teaching our young people just what it means to work. Silly degrees and lazy living are commonplace in Britain’s universities, but all this does is delude students into thinking that is what the real world is all about. Whilst I welcome the scrapping of useless courses, such a step should’ve been made a long time ago. 

Sunak Comments

The Prime Minister said:  ’The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world and studying for a degree can be immensely rewarding’’, before adding: ‘’But too many young people are being sold a false dream and end up doing a poor-quality course at the taxpayers’ expense that doesn’t offer the prospect of a decent job at the end of it.’’

Gillian Keegan, the Education Secretary, said: ‘’These new measures will crack down on higher education providers that continue to offer poor quality courses and send a clear signal that we will not allow students to be sold a false promise. Wherever they choose to study, it is vital students can gain the skills needed to get great jobs and succeed – supporting the Prime Minister’s priority to grow our economy.’’

There are far too many degrees on the market and competition for jobs has never been higher. Old-school courses like mathematics, English literature, physics, and chemistry are considered ‘uncool’ by the iced-latte-swelling youth of today, and their sense of self-importance has led to the abundance of Mickey Mouse degrees on the market today. 

I’m fully expecting a tantrum from Britain’s students following this news, but it’s about time they learned that they can’t always get what they want. 


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