Disposable Vape Ban For 2024


Ban Expected In 2024

Disposable vapes could finally be banned in 2024 as ministers in England and Wales concede that they’re a serious environmental hazard and too appealing to young people. 

New Zealand and Australia have recently banned recreational vaping in an effort to crack down on their young target market and to curb the environmental effects of their disposal - a step the UK should have taken long ago. 

It’s estimated that 1.3 million vapes are thrown away every week and they’re often seen piled up on Britain’s streets, discarded after their batteries run out. Companies such as Elf Bar and Lost Mary have been selling their products in the UK over the past couple of years and their fruity flavours have enticed a new generation of vapers to try them. Considering how much nicotine is crammed into them, this is a cause for concern.

Environmental Hazard

Tons upon tons of the devices end up in the environment, and it’s about time something was done about it. Back in my day, kids who wanted to be ‘cool’ purchased Candy Sticks and pretended to smoke with them; something that, though regrettable, wasn’t nearly as harmful a trend as actually getting addicted to nicotine. 

E-cigarettes can be helpful tools for those trying to quit smoking, but I highly doubt that the teenagers purchasing the fruity vapes were previous smokers. Vaping is cool now, but let’s see what happens in 20 years when our streets and oceans are full of them. 

Disposable vapes also carry lithium-ion batteries - devices that can explode if damaged or left in direct heat too long. More than 300 million of the products were sold in the UK in 2022 alone and their availability will only increase from there. I may not know what’s trendy anymore, but I’m in the right mind to lecture Britain’s youth on what’s really cool - supporting British values and saying no to nicotine. 

It’s time we canceled disposable vapes and left them as nothing more than a brief fad. If their reign of terror goes on, then the impact on the Great British landscape could be too severe for us to even comprehend. 


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