Just Stop Oil Morons Disrupt Wimbledon


Immoral protest group Just Stop Oil have been in the headlines once again as they disrupted a recent Wimbledon game between Grigor Dimitrov and Sho Shimabukro with another terrifying display of chaos and mayhem. Now even tennis fans aren’t safe from their mischief and God only knows who their next targets will be. 

A man and a woman have been arrested after they threw tinsel and jigsaw pieces all over the court in response to humanity’s dependency on non-renewable energy sources. Whilst I can support Just Stop Oil’s core mission, the way they go about their business is nothing short of horrifying. 

Wimbledon Disruptions

The group dominated headlines last year with a series of dastardly protests. Whether it was attacking paintings, blocking roads, or throwing paint over buildings, Just Stop Oil (along with Mick Lynch) held the country to hostage for most of 2022. 

Play at Wimbledon was halted twice, once during the Dimitrov/Shimabukuro showdown and again during Katie Boulter’s win over Daria Saville. The act took place just weeks after the same vile group attacked The Crucible during a snooker match, and a year after they first came to public attention after disrupting a Premier League game between Newcastle and Everton. 

SW19 A Celebration Of British Culture

The official Wimbledon shop has now banned the sale of jigsaw pieces due to Just Stop Oil’s sinister handiwork, ruining the chance of normal folk purchasing the same item. Disruption, though, is the name of the game for the environmentalist group, who seemingly have no respect for anyone else but themselves. 

Wimbledon should be a celebration of British culture and it’s supposed to be a place where people can forget their troubles instead of being reminded of them. Whilst it’s true that we have strides to make with our energy sources, I don’t see what the tennis-going public can do about it. 

I was hoping to have a peaceful summer, but Just Stop Oil has unfortunately reminded me of what they put me through last year. I would leave the country until they give up on their fad, but that means I’ve allowed them to win.


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