Dolly Parton To Star In Taco Bell Musical


Music legend Dolly Parton, the performer of songs like Jolene, Islands In the Stream, and 9 to 5, will star in a musical about the return of a beloved menu item at Taco Bell.

The item in question is a so-called ‘Mexican pizza’. The dish was highly popular with Taco Bell enthusiasts but was eventually pulled from their menus, much to the chagrin of its admirers. The dish, of course, is not an authentic Mexican dish but is instead a distinctly American creation. 

It features two crisp flour shells with layers of beans, pizza sauce, beef, and a melted cheese topping. It blends elements of American and Mexican cuisine and is a cheap and cheerful alternative to a restaurant meal.


Mexican Pizza - The Musical

The high-calorie dish returns on May 19 - a date marked in the diaries of Taco Bell customers and a date sure to be busy at stores all over the United States. 

To build further anticipation of the return of the Mexican pizza, Taco Bell recently unveiled a musical fittingly titled Mexican Pizza: The Musical starring Dolly Parton and Doja Cat. The musical will chronicle the cavalry of Taco Bell fans who have battled for the dish’s return.

The legendary country singer has long been a fan of Taco Bell - understandable given the demanding nature of life on the road. Since she is rarely at home, Parton and her husband sometimes indulge in a tasty fast-food treat whenever they crave it. 

Speaking to Insider in January, Parton said: ‘’I like soft-shell tacos. I like the others, but they fall apart so bad, especially if you’re riding around.’’ The singer then stated her favorite Taco Bell dish: ‘’..I always get a Taco Supreme, with the sour cream and all that, in the soft shell. I love that.’’

Don’t Follow The Liver King’s Diet!

Don’t Follow The Liver King’s Diet!

We Live In Strange Times

It seems a fitting arrangement that the restaurant chain has partnered with Parton. The Tik-Tok premier of the musical is scheduled for May 26. 

Mexican Pizza: The Musical will surely be one of the most entertaining pieces of avant-garde performance this year. Never in a million years would I see people eagerly anticipating the premier of a musical based on a fast-food menu item rising from the ashes, but we live in strange times. 

Though I will surely miss the premier as I live in the UK and abhor Tik-Tok, I still find it admirable that Dolly Parton continues to entertain her fans in whichever way she can. 

The veteran singer has also recently launched a new line of cake mixes and frostings. 



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