European Super League Must Not Happen


Court Of Justice Ruling

After a pivotal European Court of Justice ruling, the divisive European Super League is preparing for a comeback with fresh tournament strategies.

The ECJ deemed UEFA and FIFA's actions as ‘unlawful’ for blocking the league's debut in 2021, citing an abuse of their power in prohibiting new club competitions.

However, the ruling doesn't guarantee future approval for the Super League project despite acknowledging the authorities' abuse of their dominant position.

Quite simply, the formation of this tearaway league can NOT be allowed to happen for a multitude of reasons. I have thoroughly enjoyed Aston Villa’s ascent to the top of the Premier League table this season as they compete with the biggest teams in the country. Similarly, West Ham United are chasing down a Europa League spot fresh off their Conference League win in June ahead of Manchester United and Chelsea.

Under the Super League proposal this achievement becomes somewhat meaningless, as Europe’s premiere competition would be contested by the same clubs every year – because they are rich, rather than because they are necessarily successful.

Fans Upset

Fans of the Big Six are upset too, because they see their clubs as selling out, and chasing money instead of listening to the wishes of the fans. No fans were consulted in the creation of this competition, while Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said on Monday that he only found out about it on Sunday, along with everyone else.

While some might see the idea of the best teams going head-to-head every week as attractive, it also eliminates a lot of what makes football so appealing – the underdog narratives and sense that anything can happen, no matter how unlikely.

Many view the Super League as the Americanisation of football – no promotion or relegation, with rich owners holding huge amounts of power. Some even fear their clubs eventually being moved to the US or to other countries with big markets.

Must Be Stopped

I, for one, would be entirely dismayed to see the Premier League and LaLiga decimated by pure greed to fulfil the wishes of greedy benefactors. Sport is supposed to be a meritocracy, where success is earned and surprises guaranteed, and the best have to prove themselves and evolve their game.

Quite simply, European football will be in tatters with the formation of a Super League, eviscerated by the lure of money and power.


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