Farage Is The Political Animal The Jungle Needs


Divisive Farage

The long-running reality series I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! returns to television soon but there has been an almighty uproar at the inclusion of former politician, now broadcaster, Nigel Farage.

Complainants are concerned about ITV giving a ‘platform’ to the somewhat divisive figure - and naturally instead of waiting to see him in action on the programme they’ve got their pitchforks ready for a public shaming and lambasting.

Politicians In The Jungle

Isn’t it his right to show us who he is outside of politics? We’ve seen an increasing number of politicians take part in the programme over the years; Edwina Currie, Kezia Dugdale, Nadine Dorries and of course Matt Hancock, so why can’t Mr Farage do the same? 

I suspect the fear that the public might actually like what they see has these cancel-culture hungry morons panicking. They conveniently forget that many people across the UK will have lent their support to him in the past and are looking forward to having someone with similar views to them represented on mainstream TV for once, instead of being consigned to smaller channels and fringe media. 

After all, the show is all about bringing different people together and seeing how they get on under stressful circumstances and how boring would it be if they were all the same? 

No doubt if his critics had their way there would be Kumbaya singing round the campfire every night and a campmate failing to win any stars leaving them with basic rations would be met with hugs and a ‘there, there, at least you tried your best’, and what an absolute snoozefest it would be. 


Hancock, another jungle politition

Hypocritical Snowflakes

What hypocrites they are too as I doubt they will have the willpower to boycott the programme or show any ounce of nerve in that respect. They’ll be glued to the screen every evening, ready to give running critical commentary over something as little as Mr Farage drawing breath. 

They so desperately don’t want any attention to be paid to him but will be first in line to give it to him despite their complaints - completely unavailable to stick by their convictions, ironically unlike Mr Farage himself. 

Like it or lump it, he's a show man too. Regardless of whether people agree with him or not, it’s undeniable that he’s a character and a fantastic speaker which is just what the series needs. I have no concerns that Mr Farage will bring entertainment in bucket loads and viewers will no doubt be grateful for his inclusion when the series gets underway. 

Give Farage The Airtime

We encounter derisive figures in everyday life all the time, so TV should be no exception. Trust the snowflakes to want to run from the first sign of potential conflict and someone not agreeing with and pandering to them for once! Rigorous debate is essential - and also makes great television as ITV well know. 

I will certainly be tuning in to watch Mr Farage with great anticipation and am looking forward to watching him prove himself in the jungle, much like Matt Hancock did last year. 

I think it’s also terribly important for people to see politicians, be they current or former, for who they really are, interacting with different people. 

Some will say it disgraces the esteemed position of being a politician but I believe it only serves to better connect voters. Let’s just hope he gets the airtime he deserves. 


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