Regulator To Destroy Corruption In Football


I applaud the government's decision to establish an independent regulator in football that will hopefully end corruption and transport our national game into  a new golden age. 

At long last, the UK government has plans to establish an independent regulator to rid our national sport of widespread corruption and cronyism. The new body will have several powers, including being able to impose sanctions on clubs who try to bend the rules and drastically improve the flimsy ownerships tests. 

It may sound like a long shot, but hopefully they can transport the game into a new golden age similar to the one I was lucky enough to grow up with in the 70s and 80s.


Football Has Become Over-Commodified

After last year’s Super League debacle, fans everywhere were clamouring for more transparency and less bureaucracy in the sport to prevent owners from simply doing what they want. I fully agree with them and welcome this sort of evolution in our game. 

Football has been over-commodified for far too long. What used to be an honest, hard-working game has been turned into a game of Monopoly by uber-wealthy owners from a variety of moral backgrounds. 

What used to be a game for fathers and sons to watch on the terraces has become a corporate, sterilised sport where TV money rules and fans are treated like clueless sitting ducks. Remember the outrageous pay-per-view model Sky Sports tried to introduce during the 2020/21 season? That was the height of conglomerate arrogance. 

The Mess At Everton Is Not Lampard’s Fault!

The Mess At Everton Is Not Lampard’s Fault!

Regulators Have Plenty To Deal With

I hope this new body can iron out the huge problems facing football. Astronomical wages, mercenary players, and power-hungry owners have turned the beautiful game into a farce. Newcastle United, Chelsea, and Manchester City all are or were owned by outrageously rich people who have, or threaten to, quell any competition standing in their way. The sheer amount of riches amsasseed by these owners robs the game of any organic competition and removes the meritocracy aspect of the game entirely. 

I’d like to hark back to the glory days of football and how proud players were to wear the badge. Graeme Souness, Bobby Moore, and even more recent players like Roy Keane each played with intensity, honour, and a desire to be the best. Whilst there certainly are great players around today, I’ve noticed these kinds of leaders are a dying breed. 

Players today are encouraged to be media-savvy robots whose post-match interviews all sound the same. Any inkling of personality is squeezed out of them out of fear they’ll say something that’ll get the shareholders in trouble. There’s also been an increase in disinterested, lazy players with no respect for their clubs’ history. 

What’s caused this? Is football now a corporate jolly, where players are best friends who are simply interested in having a laugh, knowing they’ll be paid a fortune regardless of their performance? Maybe that’s the reason why we see so many mercenary  players at elite clubs like Everton, Manchester United, and Chelsea. 

Trump You Buffoon!

Trump You Buffoon!

A Victim Of Its Own Success

Football is a victim of its own massive success. With more eyes on our Premier League comes more interest from nefarious investors, which in turn sucks the soul out of our game even more. I’m immensely proud of our government for stepping in and, hopefully, putting the sport on a better path. Say what you want about those in charge, but I think it’s bloody good to see that they still have the interest of the common man on their minds. 

I can only imagine that Prince William played a part in this. He is, after all, not only the future of the British crown, but may also be the future of British football due to his wonderful work as the President of the Football Association. 

Football is in dire need of a makeover. I’m all for capitalism, but the sheer amount of wealth in the sport is quickly getting out of hand. Let’s all make a pact to defeat ultra-wealthy owners and corporate corruption and let our national sport return to its down-to-earth, tough-tackling roots.



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