Gladiators Returns Stronger


Triumphant Return

Now, I think the constant rebooting of beloved programmes can become quite tiresome, and the need to cling on to certain types of TV nostalgia can come across as quite desperate - but I am elated that is not the case with the revival of Gladiators (which is in fact, its second kiss of life as it’s already been rebooted once before). 

It’s great to see a weekend TV titan like Gladiators riding high again, after the first few episodes of the new series have managed to draw in huge viewing figures. 

Good Riddance To The Dross

Nothing to do with dating or game playing or people making fools of themselves on TV for the sake of light entertainment, no. A competition based on pure physicality and skill that doesn’t bother itself with sob stories or far too much background information on the people taking part feels rather groundbreaking nowadays, even if it’s an old show resurrected! 

Compared to much of the dross transmitted across the channels, it’s a delight to see such a fun and friendly show back on the air. Saturday night TV has been floundering for years, and this is a welcome change and hopefully is heralding a return to a simpler time. 

It’s fantastic to see people so athletically and physically gifted celebrated too, when it’s so often implied that to do so may insult those who can’t be bothered to take care of theirs. 

One Gripe

If I had one gripe it would be that Bradley Walsh is hosting the show alongside his son Barney, and at the moment he does somewhat feel over-represented on television. However, he is a long-time professional who made his name in entertainment and is well associated with programmes like this, so it does make sense that he would’ve been selected. 

Of course one element that was missing was the now-retired referee John Anderson who made the show with his declarations of ‘Contenders, you will go on my first whistle, Gladiators, you will go on my second whistle’ in his Scottish brogue. He was an iconic part of the original series but it’s understandable that he wouldn’t come back for the relaunch, but he’s sorely missed by many viewers that’s for sure. 

 It’s a shame Jet couldn’t be back either - but you can’t have everything!


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