Manchester United Have Big Decision To Make

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Big Rashford Call

Erik ten Hag, Manchester United's manager, has openly criticised the squad he inherited, specifically pointing out Marcus Rashford’s latest indiscretions in Belfast and subsequently feigning illness to skip training.

Despite Ten Hag's concerted efforts to instil discipline, Rashford has once again found himself on the wrong side of team standards. This recent breach, coupled with Rashford's inconsistent on-field performances, raises legitimate questions about his future at the club, with the possibility of being sold in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Ongoing Disciplinary Issues

Rashford's recurring disciplinary issues, punctuated by instances like arriving late to a team meeting and the recent Belfast incident, paint a concerning picture of a player not fully aligned with the club's values. The frustration among fans is palpable, especially given Rashford's perceived lack of work rate, evident during the FA Cup fourth-round match against Wigan.

Beyond the immediate concerns about discipline and work ethic, Rashford's behaviour during the Belfast trip, where he compromised his fitness and subsequently missed a crucial game, adds another layer of concern. The trip had the potential to portray Rashford positively, as he visited a former teammate and interacted with excited youngsters at Larne. However, his decision to prioritise partying over his professional responsibilities raises questions about his commitment and decision-making.

Negative Example

A well-timed chance to blow off steam is always appreciated (that much I can attest to), but the secret is to know when to let your hair down and when not to do it. The reality is that his actions set a negative example for aspiring young players striving to reach the first team. The financial constraints imposed by Premier League rules make the sale of academy players, including Rashford, an increasingly pragmatic option for clubs.

As the club contemplates its next steps, the focus remains on how Rashford responds to this latest disciplinary setback. If he can rediscover the form that defined his 30-goal season under Ten Hag and address the concerns surrounding his attitude and professionalism, the memory of this incident may fade.

If Rashford fails to rectify his course, the club may have to make a difficult decision about cutting ties with one of their own, prioritising the long-term culture and values of Manchester United.


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