Glastonbury Has Gone From The Who To Who?


Glastonbury Returns

Glastonbury is something that always divides people. You’re in one of two camps - literally - and there is rarely a middle ground. 

On one side you have the die-hard fans that obsess with the famous music festival and plan their years around the weekend in Somerset, and for the rest there’s the others who wouldn’t go near it. Unusually, I find myself in the middle.

The anti-Glastonbury crowd is strong and they see through the alleged eco-loving hippies who often leave the site a huge mess; they don’t want anything to do with the festival at all.

I’m not entirely in that camp as while I would never dream of camping with 200,000 neighbours, I do enjoy watching the coverage from the comfort of my own lounge. There’s something rather comforting about watching the biggest names in music from my sofa, no queues for a drink or hole in the ground as a toilet. 

Who Are The Performers?

I’ve enjoyed some excellent Glastonbury sets. Even in recent years - Elton John was exceptional 12 months ago and Paul McCartney put on a show for the ages in 2022. I could name many occasions where I’ve made time to watch these awesome sets.

With Glastonbury here it’s time to actually tune into the lineup - I’m not one for rumours and endless gossip about who will be performing. No, Oasis won’t get back together.

This year there was less of The Who about the lineup and more, ‘who?’

Granted, I’m probably not the exact match for who Glastonbury are targeting their lineup towards, but I like to feel I have a perfectly sound taste in music that stands up to most. But looking through the lineup, I’m left scratching my head at the last of stardust on show.

Where Are The Legends?

Glastonbury is all about legends. The kind of acts that create appointment-to-view moments that you cannot miss. It’s fair to say the organisers have missed the mark this year.

Coldplay are returning to headline for a record fifth time. Dua Lipa makes her third appearance. And as for the third headliner, how do you even pronounce SZA? I’ve never heard of her.

Where are the greats of music? This all just feels rather uninspiring and underwhelming. 

I suspect it’s a lineup that has been tailored to an international market with commercial interests high on the agenda.

It may well be working, but I for one won’t be watching this year and instead ruing what a brilliant festival it used to be.


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