Great Britain Needs Saving From “Culture Wars”


Britain has been involved in a war of conflicting ideologies over the past few years and its effect on our nation has been severe. Britons have been labelled and separated according to their views and the media has successfully turned our fellow citizens against each other, presumably in the hope to sell more papers and generate more revenue. 

Never before has our wonderful nation been so divided. On the one side, there are patriotic monarchists whose pride in Britain is immovable, on the other, there are younger, more ‘open minded’ comrades who constantly spout anti-British sentiment and have no faith in our long-serving establishment.


Culture War Dividing Our Nation

I’m not here to state who’s wrong and who’s right, but I’m sure you know by now the side of the fence I sit on. However, it isn’t the different opinions that are the issue - it’s how those opinions are expressed. 

If we’re not careful, this culture war should mark the beginning of the end for Britain. The devise ideologies and different worldview could potentially disturb the foundations of this great country and cause it to topple over. We can’t, under any circumstances, let this happen.

Young Millennials have their own worldview and vision for utopia - they wish to see the monarchy disappear, hope to make house prices more affordable, and continue their pursuit of ending traditional British values and customs. Their method of silencing and ‘cancelling’ any opposing view has proved an effective tool, but one that can’t and won’t stop me.

How Dare Vandals Deface Thatcher Statue With Eggs!

How Dare Vandals Deface Thatcher Statue With Eggs!


A Damning Indictment On Our Society

The Millennial version of Britain sounds like Hell to me, but I have the intelligence and an open enough mind to say that people are entitled to their own opinions. I may not agree with you, but I respect your right to be wrong and will do anything (within reason,of course) to protect that right. 

People have been cancelled and blacklisted for their personal views - a fact that is a damning indictment on our society and one that brings great shame to the fabric of Britain. People have had opposing views since time began, yet never before has our society seemed so fractured. 

We’ve also had to learn a whole new vocabulary. Terms like ‘cancel culture’ and ‘populism’ were ones I’d never heard before and I had no idea what they meant when they first started to be used a few years ago. Back in my day, we had respectful discussions with those with a different outlook to us, though I must admit those who dared disrespect our Royals were rightfully ejected from whichever establishment the conversation took place in. 

WAGatha Christie Trial Is An Embarrassment To Football

WAGatha Christie Trial Is An Embarrassment To Football

Britain Needs Saving

How has Britain, only a few weeks away from the Platinum Jubilee, found itself in such a mess? Whatever happened to ‘keep calm and carry on’? Where’s the community spirit we all demonstrated only a couple of years ago during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic? 

Events like the recent pandemic were tragic, but they proved that Britain could pull in the same direction once its back was against the wall. Much like we did during the World Wars, we came together as a nation and realised that being British was more important than what side of the political spectrum you found yourself on. I, for one, hope this spirit comes back as this nation needs it so desperately. 

Britain needs saving. Whilst it’d be arrogant of me to suggest I’m the right man for the job, I believe I am. As we embark on a promising new era of sovereignty, we need a leader who is British to their very core - and nobody bleeds the colours of the Union Jack more than yours truly.



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