Guinea Pig Sets World Record For Slam Dunks


A guinea pig has achieved a world record by completing the most slam-dunks within a 30-second period for an animal of its species. 

The guinea pig lives in Dombóvár, Hungary, and is said to have a passion for basketball so strong it would make Kevin Durant jealous. A brief study of the animal reveals shooting ability and composure on-par with most humans and a talent for the sport not often seen.


Molly A World Record Holder

The guinea pig, named Molly, hit 4 slam-dunks in 30 seconds to take the world record crown. The animal’s owner, Emma, stated that Molly ‘’absolutely loves to play basketball.’’

With the NBA finals currently being played, I’d wager that both the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors would love Molly on their rosters due to her world-class shooting ability and her ability to remain calm under the pressure of pursuing a world record.

A video detailing her achievements has been shared on Instagram and has racked up a strong number of views, likes, and shares. A tiny basket, complete with tiny balls, made up Molly’s equipment. According to Emma, Molly has completed as many as 8 slam-dunks at a time, double what her record-breaking effort was. 

Police Called Following Row Over Chips

Police Called Following Row Over Chips

Guiness Book of World Records Recognition

After the achievement was complete, Guinness wrote: ‘’Seeing this domestic cavy running around and interacting with her mum will surely bring a smile to your face, but it’s also a reminder that these animals are active and full of energy, and are not meant to live in a cage.’’

The poignant message is a reminder that even the smallest and most innocuous-looking animals are capable of great things. If they’re given just a little bit more freedom, then you’ll be shocked by some of the athletic achievements demonstrated by household pets. Molly is no exception. 

The animal has officially been featured in the Guiness Book of World Records and has cemented her legacy as the greatest basketball player her species has ever known. Perhaps she, and not Lebron James, should have been featured as the star of the recently-remade version of Space Jam. 


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