Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

We don’t know if Boris Johnson himself got caught, and fined, but let’s be honest, Downing Street looks like it was a frat house at least 13 times and that’s enough for the court of public opinion. Penalty notices have been issued and will be paid. 

Boris Johnson may at times behave like a complete imbecile however this should be the end of the matter when it comes to questioning his leadership.

Boris may be Prime Minister but he is also human, and I remain steadfast in my opinion that he should remain in Downing Street!


Boris Not Alone In Breaking The Rules

Whatever the boss did or didn’t do, he will get away with it because that makes him one of us all over again. 

The vast majority of us broke lockdown rules and a zoom quiz shouldn’t spell the end of his reign as Prime Minister, especially as President Zelensky really needs him right now. 

Very few of us can honestly say we followed the legislation with total blinkered rectitude - and anyway, was fudging them on occasion such a crime given that the rule makers themselves couldn’t keep up with their own legislation to begin with (I give you Matt Hancock, Professor Neil Ferguson, etc).

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Draconian Lockdown Rules

The rules in place during lockdown were far too draconian, inhuman and complex.

That is, of course, the fault of those who made them and imposed them on a terrified populace. 

But whether it was sitting on a bench in a park, hugging a friend or going to a ‘work event’, the vast majority of the country can’t honestly say they religiously followed every guideline.

If the Prime Minister doesn’t know if he’s broken the rules as ‘nobody told him’, then something is deeply flawed with the system. 

Andrew Marr Comments

Even one of Johnson’s fiercest critics, Andrew Marr, admitted the prospect of Johnson resigning over partygate was ‘a little quaint’ - especially given what’s happening in Ukraine.

“In the good old days, a long time ago, there were two kinds of stories - there were foreign stories about the world out there, and domestic stories about our country,” he declared.

"But since the Ukraine War there is only one kind of story, the big, everywhere, jump on your toes story.

"We're all talking about inflation coming at us because of the war.

"In the Commons today they've been talking about Evgeny Lebedev, the newspaper owner put into the House of Lords by Boris Johnson and they wouldn't have been talking about him except for the war.

"There is one bit of old fashioned traditional news around today: the Met Police finally seem to be issuing penalty notice fines after those parties in Downing Street.

"But the very idea that the Prime Minister might be forced to resign because of lockdown parties and lies about them - well, even that seems a little quaint because of the war.”

Four Day Working Week Is Preposterous

Four Day Working Week Is Preposterous

"Stay Of Excecution" For Boris

I have no doubt that Johnson’s three-year reign as PM has left a lot to be desired, but should a lockdown beer in the garden of his own house with colleagues bring him down? Absolutely not.

People say: ‘Those that make laws should not break them.’ 

That is, of course, correct. But that doesn’t mean a PM ought to resign because of it.

I say we give Boris a "Stay Of Excecution" 



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