Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

As the Royals got together to remember the life of the late, great Prince Philip there was one notable absence from the family, although perhaps it wasn’t at all surprising who was missing at this important, solemn occasion. 

Yes, of course it was Prince Harry who did not dare to rear his copper-top alongside his bereaved grandmother at the thanksgiving service for the life of his grandfather, who died last April at the age of 99. 

For this I hope you all join me in condemning Harry's shameful decision to not pay his respects at the late Prince Philip's Service of Thanksgiving!


Security Concerns A Pathetic Excuse

Senior royals including Princes Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge - as one would expect - paid their respects at Westminster Abbey alongside the Queen while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex couldn’t tear themselves away from their beloved California to make the journey across the pond. 

There have been reports it was due to security concerns that the pair did not turn up, as Harry is currently locked in a legal battle with the Home Office over the government's decision to dare deny him police security during his jaunts over from the US, with the prince saying he doesn’t feel safe when coming to his home country.

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

A Mess Of Your Own Doing!

Well Harry, I’m afraid you’ve made your bed and now you must lie in it! He and Meghan lost their privileges of having access to taxpayer-funded police protection when they shamefully retreated from their Royal duties and sought a new life of ‘financial independence’ in the US. 

This is a mess of his own making and if he feels regret at his absence at his grandfather’s service he really has no one to blame but himself. No amount of lawsuits, win or lose, can make up for missing such an important event of remembrance for a late loved one. 

Not Winning Any Popularity Contests

No doubt this security excuse will be wheeled out at any opportunity as it covers up the fractions within the Royal Family that Harry and Meghan have caused or made more painful. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s gauche habit of spilling intimate details of the private goings-on between the family members has helped to ensure they won’t be receiving the warmest of welcomes from the public either.

Narrative Of Animosity

They’ve made their difficult relationships with other members of the family public knowledge, so it also would not come as a surprise if they were just trying to keep their distance at all costs too. 

Further steps toward reconciliation between the two brothers Harry and William, who walked side by side at Prince Philip’s funeral last year, would be a positive step but alas - good relationships don’t make headlines. 

By keeping their distance Harry and Meghan are furthering the narrative of animosity existing between the siblings, something they probably don’t mind as it provides them with more material for those ghastly tell-all interviews. 

Four Day Working Week Is Preposterous

Four Day Working Week Is Preposterous

Lessons Not Learnt 

It’s a shame Harry couldn’t take a leaf out of Prince Philip’s book. A great, upstanding figure who was a man of honour and integrity. 

There is little question that he would’ve moved heaven and earth for his family to whom he provided unwavering support as evidenced in the words of Her Majesty who famously called him her ‘strength and stay’. 

While Harry has all his attention on the family he has created with Meghan, it would be foolish of him to cast aside the one he was raised in. Especially with the Queen having experienced a knock to her health after testing positive for COVID-19 last month, it would undoubtedly have been a real boost for her to see her grandson back in the fold and paying tribute to his grandfather. 

However, despite the disgrace of Harry’s no-show it sadly is not surprising. This is the sort of behaviour we have come to expect and I predict we will be seeing a lot more of in the future as he puts pride over paying respects to a beloved family member.



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