Halfwit Protesters Disrupt World Champs


Just Stop Oil took centre-stage once again as they halted a World Snooker Championship match earlier this week in an audacious bid for attention and notoriety. 

A match between Joe Perry and Robert Milkins was halted by a Just Stop Oil protester who jumped on the table and poured an orange powder-like substance on the table as confused viewers watched.


Disorderly Halfwits

The crowd let out audible gasps as the event unfolded, something that is perfectly understandable due to its shocking nature. As if that wasn’t horrifying enough, a second protester joined the other table and attempted to glue herself to it - her heinous plans thwarted by a heroic referee. As far as heroes go, I believe this referee is truly the embodiment of one. 

The incident marks the first major sporting event of 2023 to have eem hijacked by the group, just as it appeared as though their reign of terror may be over. 

In 2022, Just Stop Oil announced themselves to the world by making overt, gaudy protests at Premier League games and other events, as well as defacing priceless works of art by artists like Vincent Van Gogh. 

The group may make valid claims about the environment, but their brutish tactics and disrespect for those around them have, rightfully, alienated them from the British people. 

Arrests Made

A man and a woman have been arrested by South Yorkshire Police, and their identities will soon be known to all.  With the King’s coronation just around the corner, we should all remain vigilant for any hint of protest and anybody who even remotely looks like a Just Stop Oil protester should be watched as they enter a hardware shop or any similar establishment. 

With the whole world watching us, we can’t allow the nation of Great Britain to be embarrassed by a minority of eco-warriors with petrifying agendas. 

The hard-working staff at the Crucible then proceeded to clean up the mess left by the protester before the match between Perry and Milkins resumed. Though the game went on, the scars left by the latest Just Stop Oil attack will continue to haunt us all. 

Investigations are still ongoing, and hopefully the authorities thwart future destructive protests before they happen. 


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