Harry Will Attend Coronation


Prince Harry is set to attend the King’s coronation ceremony on 6 May but the former Royal will be without his wife, Meghan Markle. 

The decision has, at least for now, put any worries of a feud between Harry and his father to bed and it’ll allow the benevolent King’s ceremony to occur without any drama. After the turbulent years the beloved Royals have endured, this news comes as music to my ears.


PR Concerns No Longer

I was sincerely worried that King Charles’ coronation day would be dominated by news about Harry and Meghan and that the public wouldn’t use the 6th of May to think about the monarch who rules over them, instead gossiping about the hijinks of the former Royals, who retired from service three years ago and who now live in California. 

Thankfully, this will not happen and I can sleep soundly at night, at long last. The next mission is to convince President Joe Biden to scrap the old-fashioned tradition of serving Presidents not attending a monarchs’ coronation, though that’s a battle steeped in tradition rather than personal drama. 

Palace Confirmation

Buckingham Palace released a statement earlier confirming Prince Harry’s attendance, but they stated that Meghan Markle will not be present at Westminster Abbey and it’s believed she’ll stay in California with the couples’ two children. 

It has been rumoured that Harry will only be present at the ceremony and he’ll unlikely be at any post-coronation festivities, something I’m also pleased with. On what should be Britain’s proudest day, the last thing we need is any anti-Royal sentiment floating around, and I’ll be glad to watch Harry's place taking off for LAX Airport.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm waiting for the coronation with complete and utter excitement and I have already begun to cross off the dates in my Royal calendar. May 6th won’t just be one of the finest days in British history, but it’ll also be celebrated across the world, with tourists from every continent arriving to witness the greatness before them. 

I have no time for Prince Harry, but I’m glad his inclusion at the King’s coronation has been confirmed and we can now move on with our lives. 


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