How About Some ‘Sweet’ Nostalgia


The popular soft drink Lilt, famous for its tropical taste, is set to be transformed into a new type of Fanta - bringing an end to its 50-year run on our supermarket shelves. 

Though I rarely drank Lilt myself, the announcement came as a light-hearted reminder of how much our world is changing and how people often take little things for granted. If you went back in time and visited a supermarket with your parents back in the 1970s, you’d find dozens of nostalgic reminders on the shelves and come across items you haven’t seen in decades. 

Sweets, snacks, and drinks aren’t exactly major matters, but they can be a big part of childhood and adolescence, and I’d bet that you’d pay good money to sample these long-forgotten goods for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. 

Let’s buckle up and explore the goods of yesteryear.


Panda Pops 

A staple of growing up in the 1990s and early-2000s, Panda Pops were often found at Charlie Chalk restaurants (now Brewers’ Fayre) and birthday parties. Panda Pops’ sugary taste and fluorescent colours were far from healthy, but anybody who grew up with them could attest to their taste. 

A cornerstone of chaotically-loud kids’ restaurants, Panda Pops disappeared from our shelves after we all realised just how many e-numbers truly went into them. 

Sunny D suffered the same fate, however that was brought back years later with an acceptable sugar count. 

Campino Sweets

It seemed every British resident over the age of 65 was given an infinite amount of strawberry & yogurt Campino sweets - being dished out to the grandchildren upon every visit. 

A sack that may remind you of departed family members, the legacy of Campinos lives on far after their departure from our shelves. 


Older readers may well remember tucking into a packet of Spangles. Introduced way back in 1950, these boiled sweets came individually wrapped, meaning it was easy to leave a trail of destruction behind you as you ate several. 

The term ‘boiled sweets’ doesn’t sound appealing, but Spangles really were a treat. They lasted until 1984, but were briefly brought back in 1995, after which they seemingly vanished forever. 

Marathon Bars

The Marathon bar was an essential component of ‘the big shop’ and its rebrand to Snickers never felt quite right. Those who were lucky enough to live in the Marathon-era still boast about it today, and the world has never been quite the same since. 

Mars Delight

These outrageously-tasty chocolate bars arrived in the mid-2000s and took the UK by storm. Combining the silky Mars taste with caramel and just the right amount of crunchy wafer, the entire country took Mars Delights for granted as we assumed they’d be with us forever. 

However, they were shockingly discontinued in 2008, leading all of us to question exactly what we did wrong. To this day, the mere sight of these heavenly chocolate bars makes me sing the chorus of Take That’s Back For Good in my head. 

The loss of Mars Delights, combined with the global recession, made 2008 an extremely hard year on planet Earth. 

Modern snacks may be healthier than their predecessors, but almost all of them lack the charm and nostalgia-inducing qualities found in the snacks we grew up with. 


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