I Applaud You Tim Martin


Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin deserves credit for having to make some tough decisions in the face of the current economic crisis.

Wetherspoons are set to close 32 venues across the country as the company aims to slim-down its prolific portfolio. 

Concerns about surging energy costs, rising staff members, and an increasing amount of maintenance has led to the group selling 32 of its venues in various cities. The business has, in a way, become a victim of its own success and is forced to scale-back in order to remain financially solvent.

Delighted With Harry And Meghan’s Royal Demotion

Delighted With Harry And Meghan’s Royal Demotion

Scaling Back

A spokesperson stated: "This is a commercial decision. We understand that customers and staff will be disappointed with it.’’

The cost-of-living crisis isn’t just a problem for the common sort, as it’s clear even the multibillion Wetherspoons empire is under the cosh, hence why they’ve decided to close a chunk of venues. 

This is perfectly understandable, and choosing to prioritize a smaller number of venues over the fringe ones is just good business sense, something the man at the top of the Wetherspoons chain has always had in abundance. 

Venues  in London, Middlesbrough, Southampton, Bournemouth, and several other cities will soon be sold off as punters will have to look elsewhere for cheap pints and comfort food. 

Though I rarely enter a Wetherspoons, I have always had a deep respect for the company and, in particular, its head honcho - Tim Martin.

Mike Ashley You Genius!

Mike Ashley You Genius!


Martin An Antidote For The Times

Martin and I are like two peas in a pod and he’s always one of the first people I think of when I’m asked who I’d invite to a dinner party. Bold, brash, and not afraid to speak his mind, Martin is like a brother from another mother (to use a trendy phrase). 

The Wetherspoons boss is worth a cool £448 million and his no-nonsense approach to business is music to my ears. In a world hellbent on putting emotions over facts, Tim Martin acts like an antidote to the madness and an overall intellectual great. Some have pictures of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs hanging in their lounges, but I have Tim Martin. 

He caused a stir earlier this summer by, referring to Brexit, stating: One of the big advantages of Brexit is to get rid of the f***ing tariffs. They haven’t done it!’

If you criticize the EU for its protectionism, there’s an implicit promise you’re going to do something different.”

The comments drew applause from me and only increased my affection for Martin. If you ask me, he’s a strong candidate for Prime Minister one day and I’m sure the public could use his hardball approach to life and success. I hope to one day share an ale with him and discuss where it went wrong for the world. 


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