I Have Full Trust In Southgate


Earlier this week, England slumped to a dismal defeat in Hungary as a growing number of England fans shared their disapproval of England’s performance and attacking players. But don’t these people know that the Nations League is an absolutely worthless competition?

Some say Southgate is too defensive and often plays it safe with narrow, compact formations aimed at prioritizing a result over attractive football. I think this is an unfair declaration as, if you look back at the team’s recent history, the Southgate era has brought with it a lot of success.


World Cup And Euros Success

Four years ago, nobody gave England a chance in the World Cup and most of us would have been satisfied with an appearance in the round-of-16 or quarter finals. The youth and relative inexperience of the team was seen as its biggest limiting factor, yet Southgate instead guided the Young Lions to its first semi-final since 1990. 

The former Middlesborough boss took over an England team fresh off a humiliating defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016 and multiple abysmal World Cup campaigns. Dressing room cliques, monumental egos, and interpersonal animosity were all hallmarks of the previous regime’s locker room before Southgate embarked on his cultural clearout of our national team. Since then, the 51-year-old has delivered what fans wanted most - hope. 

Southgate has made us all dream again. Just under a year ago, the country was in bedlam following England’s romp the Euros final and the Three Lions were only a penalty kick away from lifting the trophy. Say what you want about Southgate’s style of play, but there’s no denying his win/loss record is exceptionally good.

Bale Treatment Was A Disgrace

Bale Treatment Was A Disgrace

Southgate And Boris Should Be Applauded

The criticism Gareth Southgate receives reminds me a lot of the jeers received by another man - Boris Johnson. If you ask me, these two great men are like peas in a pod. The former is leading our national team into a new era after years of turgid football and awful decisions, whilst the latter is guiding the country through a testing time after years of political mismanagement. 

Criticizing these two British icons is akin to blasphemy. I find it extremely offensive that people are so adamant for us to chop and change our leaders after a bad result or alleged lockdown office party. Don’t these people realize that Southgate and Johnson are leading us back to our previous heights? Football will, inevitably, come home under Southgate’s watch just like Britain itself will come home under Johnson’s post-Brexit rule. We’re living in a golden age right now and it’s time more people realized this. 

Yes, there may be a cost-of-living crisis right now, and, yes, Gareth Southgate’s football may be a little too pragmatic at times, but we have to think of these things as a means to an end. Representing England and Great Britain doesn’t come easy, and it’s only natural that we put up with the occasional national crisis or boring 90 minutes. It’s a small price to pay. 

England Will Win The World Cup

Mark my words - England will win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Not only do we possess the array of attacking talent required to go the distance, but we also have a manager with big-game experience and plenty of tactical know-how. 

Trust me, the occasional overly-defensive displays we must sit through will be worth it in the end as Harry Kane lifts the famous gold trophy in front of billions of people watching both in the stadiums and on television. England’s status as the world’s premier country will be restored, national pride will return in abundance, and Gareth Southgate will be considered the deity we all know he has the potential for being. 

It’s time we stopped cristicing the manager of our national team and got behind him. Maybe we should consider doing the same for our Prime Minister, too.


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