I Have Total Confidence In Boris


Boris Johnson pulled off yet another triumph as he won the approval of a majority of Conservative MPs earlier this week. The emphatic victory serves as one more feather in Johnson’s well-adorned hat and concludes a saga that has gone on for far too long.

Despite the objections of several Tory officials, the Prime Minister won the upper hand in a confidence vote with 59%. The vote came shortly after the PM was booed at the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations and after months of tension following the nonsensical and wasteful Partygate scandal.


Boris Remains A Beacon Of Hope

There have been several calls for Johnson to resign after some, apparently, ineffective and incompetent leaderships and numerous mistakes during his time in charge. I, for one, find these allegations to be an absolute disgrace. When Britain faced its darkest time in several generations, Boris has been a beacon of hope and has delivered some world-class leadership at the helm of this great nation. 

I consider Boris to be an unbreachable hero. In his three years in charge, our Prime Minister has overseen the responses to Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. He’s made his fair share of gaffes, sure, but Johnson has come back stronger each time and is, for my money, one of the greatest Prime Minister’s of all time.

Fully Agree With Rees-Mogg’s Defence Of Boris

Fully Agree With Rees-Mogg’s Defence Of Boris

Backstabbery Is Sickening

The recent confidence vote debated in the House of Commons is downright insulting. Whether you love or loathe Johnson, I challenge you to find a more enduring leader and a man who symbolizes Britain’s grit and dogged determination more than he does.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Boris Johnson symbolizes everything this great country is made of. Strong, unconquerable, and ever-present, his reign has been as impressive as it has been historic. His reign started with the murky uncertainty of Brexit and will conclude, surely, with Britain’s comeback after its shakiest period in recent memory. 

The backstabbery committed by his officials is sickening. Much like the benevolent Julius Caesar, our great Prime Minister has been betrayed by the very people who were supposed to protect him. The recent no confidence vote reads like something out of a Greek tragedy, only this time with a happy ending as its protagonist leaves with his head held high and the audience goes home happy. 

Total Faith In Boris

I place total faith in Boris to lead us into a shining new era. Recent years have been tough, yes, but the one constant during this time has been the sight of Johnson’s gloriously unkempt hair and stern verbal delivery. He’s as homely as a cup of tea on a rainy evening and as familiar as a well-worn pair of slippers. Ditching him now would bring a wave of anxiety over a nation already in peril. We simply need Johnson at the helm if we wish to keep our collective sanity. 

The cost-of-living crisis, of which I’m not a part of, will be solved by Johnson and co. if we just believe. This nation has world-class leaders governing it and a wonderful monarch overseeing it. I’m not worried - so why should you be?

It’s time we dropped our differing views and put all of our eggs into Johnson’s basket. Britain’s fortunes can only get better from here, and who else is better-equipped to guide us into a new era than our immovable PM? Hopefully Tory MPs will soon come to their senses and realise that betting against Boris is a foolish decision. He is, after all, an irresistible force capable of weathering all storms. Mr. Johnson not only has my vote, but he has my heart, too. 



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