I Lament The Passing Of Dennis Waterman


Legendary hardman actor Dennis Waterman passed away yesterday after 74 glorious years of life on this planet. Waterman, the star of shows like Minder, The Sweeney, and New Tricks, died at his home in Spain with his beloved wife Pam Flint at his side. Suffice to say, I was very upset when I heard the news and believe there’s a darker repercussion for this country’s culture. 

I’ve been lamenting his loss for a few hours now as the actor was one of the last reminders of a tougher, more aggressive time in entertainment. Waterman was an unapologetic hardman whose bravado and Cockney accent greatly enhanced whatever show or film he was in. His loss is sad not just for his fans, but admirers of Britain in general. Waterman may have been respectfully parodied in Little Britain as a tiny actor with an obsession to ‘write the feem toon, sing the feem toon’, but his talent as an actor and drawing power as a star may never be matched again. 


Appealing On And Off Screen

He leaves an entertainment industry much different from the one he humbly began his career in. Corporate and soft now, the decline of show business over the last couple of decades is nothing short of worrying. Waterman was so appealing not only due to his on-screen talent, but also his tumultuous private life - one that gave him true ‘larger than life’ appeal and cemented his image as a no-nonsense tough guy. 

The actor’s rocky relationship with Rula Lenska was rarely out of the tabloids and the pair’s volatile actions, whilst impossible to condone at times, did make for perpetual news and morbid entertainment. They were like a less glamorous, but more relatable, version of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Waterman was not a perfect man by any means, but his troubled personal life only furthered his image. Much like his peers Steve McQueen and Richard Burton, the career of Dennis Waterman would not have been complete without tales of his drunken escapades and drunken shenanigans.

James Corden Please Return To Your Rightful Home

James Corden Please Return To Your Rightful Home

Where Will The Next Waterman Come From 

It makes me wonder where the next Dennis Waterman will come from. Today’s world of censorship and perpetual pandering does not create a very fertile landscape for the next generation of ‘hardman’ British actors whatsoever. Who knows, maybe the word ‘hardman’ will be cancelled soon and actors will be forced to only show their ‘sensitive’ sides in films to appease the Millennial audience and board of stuffy producers. 

Dennis Waterman’s passing is about a lot more than the demise of one man - it represents the passing of the torch from one generation’s values to another. Whether modern actors are simply not allowed to show their talent and brawn or are instead entirely lacking in it, it’s plain to see that British entertainment has seen its golden age and Dennis Waterman was one of the last remaining facets of it. Humour me for a minute - can you name a modern actor or performer who’s nearly as butch as the departed Waterman? 

Boris The “Unconquerable”

Boris The “Unconquerable”

Rejoice The Legends Still With Us

It’s not all bad news, though, as we still have David Jason, Jim Davidson, and John Cleese standing tall and making sure Britain doesn’t completely shed its cultural roots just yet. I can rejoice that these legends still walk among us and will continue to do so for a few more years. 

British culture is in dire need of toughening up. Stars like Dennis Waterman taught us how to do it, but in his absence, we’ll have to figure it out for ourselves. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be spending my afternoon watching old episodes of The Sweeney and reminding myself of better times. 



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