King Charles III To Scale Back Monarchy


His Majesty King Charles III has begun his reign in style by pledging a ‘scaled back’ Royal Family and a low-key Coronation. 

The King, who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II in September, has graciously considered the cost-of-living crisis currently being felt by Britain’s paupers, and refuses to let Royal opulence mock them. 

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated: ‘’I think that what Prince Charles has already indicated is that the monarchy will be smaller.’’

Brown, who was talking on a BBC Sunday interview, added: It’s going to be more like a Scandinavian monarchy in the future – but not in a bad way – more informal.’’

Another former Prime Minister, Theresa May, echoed Brown’s statements about a slimmed-down monarchy under King Charles. 


Questionable Decision?

I’m in two minds about the decision. Whilst I wouldn’t dare disagree with The King on anything, I think his statement concerning the morale of the public in the face of a large, wealthy Royal Family is misguided. Contrary what His Majesty said, I think the British public yearns for a large, lavish monarchy and Royal ceremonies of the highest pomp.

After all, what’s more inspiring to the Average Joe than being waved to from the Royal Balcony? Such an event is likely to be one of the most notable events of their humble lives, and watching a Coronation and Royal Wedding unfold on TV is about as close as they will ever get to a life of luxury. To put it simply, the Royal Family makes people dream - and you simply can’t put a price on that.

I will, however, stand with the King on any decisions he makes. A smaller Royal Family may not benefit me, but if it makes the average, non-wealthy Brit feel better about their lives, then I have to commend His Majesty’s sense of humility and duty. 

Buckingham Palace And Balmoral Open To Public

There are also reports of the King opening sections of Buckingham Palace and Balmoral for public access - something that would’ve been unheard of even a few years ago. Though the late Queen considered them family homes, Charles hopes to peel back the curtain to give his people an insight into Royal life. 

I think I would faint if I ever stepped foot in Buckingham Palace, and I’m still not entirely convinced the British public are worthy to enter its gates. The King shouldn’t be questioned, though, and he has my full support on anything he chooses to do. 


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