Le Tissier Another Victim Of The Cancel Culture

Le Tissier Another Victim Of The Cancel Culture

Matt Le Tissier never was appreciated enough. A special player, he could have graced the pitches of Europe’s finest clubs and not looked remotely out of place. Often regarded as one of the most underrated players of his generation, his influence on the game should not be downplayed. 

Far too good for the likes of Southampton, he loyally stayed at the club for the entirety of his professional career and played an integral part in keeping the side in the First Division and Premier League. With top clubs eyeing him, he never felt tempted to desert the Saints for greener pastures. 


Controversial Tweets

Recently, Le Tissier (who is nicknamed ‘Le God’ by Saints fans) has been the recipient of abuse following his controversial tweets. Whilst I don’t condone everything he says, I must tip my hat to him for his brave stance and determination to take the mainstream media on. 

His utter disdain for the left and his willingness to share his unfiltered thoughts are a delightful change of pace from the robotic, corporate voices shared by players today. This makes him my kind of man and one I’d be happy to sit and have a few pints of ale with.

Joe Rogan Critics Are Responsible For Culture War!

Joe Rogan Critics Are Responsible For Culture War!

Freedom Of Speech Under Fire

Our right to free speech is under attack - make no mistake. Never before has democracy so precariously teetered on the edge of total breakdown and never before have opposing voices been so viciously muffled. 

The radical left hates people like Matt Le Tissier and they’re deeply afraid of the threat he can cause if he starts a trend of writing from the heart and not from behind the desk of his PR team (I’m looking at you, Marcus Rashford).

Victim Of The Cancel Culture

After his latest round of controversial tweets, Le Tissier stepped down from his Club Ambassador role at Southampton - a move that almost certainly wasn’t voluntary and a decision that reeks of left-wing authoritarianism and censorship. 

Let’s state the obvious - Matt Le Tiss is a white, middle-aged man. That alone makes him public enemy number one in the eyes of the mega-woke left, and his ethnicity and gender may be the underlying reason why he’s been so eagerly canceled. 

Look at how the snowflakes treated his Soccer Saturday colleagues Phil Thompson and Charlie Nichols - axed because they didn’t fit the quotas that the left sought. The Grim Reaper of Political Correctness is running rampant in English football, we must unite to stop it by any means necessary. 

If Le Tissier was foreign, I’d wager he’d have a lot more supporters. But, no, the Saints legend is a salt-of-the-Earth, old fashioned British man, meaning that he’s surplus to the left’s outrageous requirements. It pains me to say it, but it’s true. 

Extinction Rebellion Are A Bunch Of Hypocritical Halfwits

Extinction Rebellion Are A Bunch Of Hypocritical Halfwits

Hung Out To Dry Fans

Southampton ‘fans’ were quick to distance themselves from Le Tissier and that’s a complete and utter disgrace. He may have different opinions, sure, but it’s his God-given, British right to have such a worldview and he should be given all the time in the world to discuss it. This generation has no idea what their ancestors went through to defeat tyranny and create a society where differing opinions are welcomed. 

There’s nothing more British than friendly debate and, in a world where British customs are being dismantled, it’s absolutely vital that we defend this glorious pastime. If you don’t agree with the former player, why not respectfully converse with him instead of trying to cancel him? 

Matt Le Tissier is still a champion in my eyes. His playing career may have ended two decades ago, but he’s still working wonders in the football world - this time as a free thinking trailblazer. 

Perhaps I should start wearing red-and-white striped ties to the office to show my solidarity with Le Tissier. I might run the risk of being canceled, sure, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. 



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