Joe Rogan Critics Are Responsible For Culture War!

Joe Rogan Critics Are Responsible For Culture War!

Like many of you, I enjoy listening to The Joe Rogan Experience. The ‘no B.S.’ feel and candid conversation makes for, as far as my ears are concerned, very pleasurable viewing. 

There are no PC quotas to fill, no pencil-pushing executives to please, and no annoying ad breaks every five minutes. What I like most about Rogan is his ‘anti-hero’ persona. He’s a salt of the earth, blue collar patriot who’s not afraid to ask tough questions and interview those who perhaps have different viewpoints than him (a lost art if you ask me).

Rogan is unashamedly himself - and fair play to him for building such a successful platform. 


Rogan's Pod Not "PC Enough"

The mainstream media only wishes it had the reach and influence of Rogan. Each episode pulls in millions of viewers from all over the world and I’m certainly impressed - even if I don’t agree with his use of narcotics and strong anti-bible views. 

As of right now, the podcast is currently caught in the crossfire of the culture war started by the radical left. It’s no surprise why - its host is macho, straight, working-class, and white - meaning he’s not PC enough for the snowflake generation to take any sort of interest in. 

For a demographic that prides itself on its ‘tolerance’, those residing in Wokeville sure seem to love ragging on the innocent Rogan. Even artists like Niel Young (a favorite of mine back in the day) and Taylor Swift (who I know nothing about) have thrown their toys out the pram and left Spotify, where Rogan’s podcast is hosted, because they don’t like the content he puts out. 

So what? Back in my day, when we didn’t like something, we just ignored it and moved on with our lives. We didn’t sit there and find out ways to cancel those we didn’t agree with. That’s not democracy - it’s authoritarianism. Plain and simple. 

Disney Going Woke Is A Huge Concern

Disney Going Woke Is A Huge Concern

The Left Have Started A Cancel Culture

But the left won’t say that. Instead, they’ll perform next-level mental gymnastics and claim that free speech is only ok when you’re talking about liberal issues and nothing else. They’re the ones who have started this culture war and it’s them who must be held accountable for their actions. 

This is cancel culture in full effect and the by-product of left-leaning universities who are so determined to push this nonsense on young, impressionable minds. Look at the way the UK woke brigade talk about our government and our incredible Royal Family. 

Look at the Remoaners who still, over five years removed from Brexit, love to wax lyrical about the European Union. If you ask me, the free press will be obsolete in a few years’ time and we’ll all be forced to bow to a statue of Jeremy Corbyn every morning.

Left Are Hijacking The Media

The media is heading into a very dangerous place and I really do feel for Joe Rogan. Much like Piers Morgan, he’s just a stones’ throw away from being completely canceled and replaced with a left-wing puppet. Needless to say, I’m outraged by Rogan’s critics and will happily send them back to their safe space if required. 

I had the pleasure of listening to Rogan’s interview with Ben Shapirio (who should be President if you ask me) and was flabbergasted when I saw the backlash. I saw two men talking politely about opposing viewpoints and wondered where this respect decorum went. 

The left is dangerously close to completing their hijacking of our media. They’ve already taken Disney and higher education and now they’re set to feast upon the corpse of the free press. 

We’re in trouble. As this culture war rages on, I’ll be hiding away in my bunker reading my favorite Churchill, Thatcher, and Reaga quotes and reminding myself of times when the West actually had a backbone.



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