Many Good Candidates In The PM Race


The race for the next British Prime Minister is heating up with so many potentially-benevolent leaders to choose from. 

Rishi Sunak is understandably topping many of the initial polls and the Tories seem to have placed the greatest amount of faith in his bid. This, presumably, is due to his sleek and glossy campaign that showcased his humble roots and self-made rise to the top of the proverbial totem pole. 


Outstanding Candidates

I watched Sunak’s campaign video a few days ago and my eyes started to well up. Here is a man who truly made the most out of what life gave him and is trying to repay the country he lives in by becoming its political head. If that’s not a fairytale, Hollywood underdog story, then I don’t know what is. 

The current search for Britain's next figurehead is, for my money, evidence that this country has entered a golden age. Just look at the outstanding candidates the British public has to choose from. Whether it’s Liz Truss, Penny Mordaunt  or the brilliant Rishi Sunak, I can’t remember the last time we had such an array of quality people to choose from. 

I honestly don’t mind who the next Prime Minister is too much, as I’m happy to have the Conservatie Party rule over us for eternity. Those who know me know that I’m a man of simple pleasures - often shunning the more superficial and materialistic things in life for the essentials: happiness, fulfillment, status, and the elite pedigree I was born into. Therefore, my outlook on life will remain the same regardless of who the next PM is.

Rishi Sunak Has my Vote

Rishi Sunak Has my Vote

Conservatives Showcasing Diversity

The same can’t be said for those of the common sort, though, who face yet another economic crisis and are unable to afford ‘expensive’ things like fuel, butter, or even a simple cross-country train ticket. It must be dire for them to place so much gravitas on who takes over in Downing Street and how their policies will impact their lives. Though I can’t empathize with these people, I can sympathize with them. 

Another thing that makes this race so special is the background of the candidates. Of the second round choices, four are women, and four are from minority backgrounds. This is music to my ears, and I think it’s wonderful that our beloved Conservative Party is so inclusive and diverse. If Britain is serious about making progress, then it should have given these candidates more attention in the past. 

Farmers Plight More Important Than Lurpak Price

Farmers Plight More Important Than Lurpak Price

History In The Making

The Tories could make history yet again by electing the first British Prime Minister of ethic minority and only the second in Western Europe. Leo Varadkar, a former Irish Prime Minister, was the first. 

I personally do not judge politicians by their backgrounds and instead critique them on their policies. If our future PM does even a fraction of what Boris Johnson achieved in charge, then I consider them  to already be in the upper-echelon of UK Prime Ministers. Boris left impossibly large shoes to fill, and it’s up to the chosen candidate to try and fill them.

We can’t replace Jonhson’s legacy like-for-like, but we can try to pick up where he left off and continue to drive this splendid country into the future. 

I’m giddy with excitement to find out who our next leader will be. Regardless of who eventually takes over, I can sleep well at night knowing that the future of the Conservative Party is strong.

Britain is in the midst of a political golden age. Much like the beaming July sun, the radiance of our well-meaning and competent politicians shines down on us and makes our day a little bit better. 


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