Pentagon Releases Footage Of UFO


A video released by Pentagon officials appears to depict an unidentified flying object soaring through the air and past a passing airplane. 

The video was taken in 2021 and officials described it as an incident where nobody could explain exactly what was happening. 

The footage was taken outside the window of a US Navy aircraft and appears to show a fast-moving sphere zoom by. It seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but the footage is authentic and has sparked debate among US officials. 

Reaction from the public has been mixed - with some calling it definitive proof of aliens, whilst others have scoffed and explained it as nothing more than wishful thinking.


Optical Illusion?

Though the footage could well be evidence of extraterrestrial visitors, it would be unwise to discount other, more boring options. The sphere could be a rogue weather balloon, a piece of flying clutter, a hunk of tech made by the US government, or a simple optical illusion. 

The deputy director of Navy Intelligence, Scott Bray, showed the video at the House Subcommittee Hearing this Tuesday before stating that the US government had 400 cases of such sightings over the past year. 

Bray stated: ‘ This video shows observation in real-time. That’s in many cases, that’s all our report may include and in many other cases, we have far less than this.’’ He also stated that UFO sightings are often hampered by a ‘’limited amount of high-quality data’’ to draw conclusions from, but this particular video seems to defy explanation. 

How worrying. Hopefully our potential alien visitors are aware of how miserable the last two years have been on Earth, and their travels here are peaceful in nature. After all, the last thing we all want to get involved in after the pandemic is an intergalactic war. 

UFO Expert Makes Ridiculous Claim

UFO Expert Makes Ridiculous Claim

Increased Sightings

There seems to have been an increase in the number of UFO sightings recently as last week, a 23-year-old man from Texas filmed what appears to be a UFO crashing to the ground in the town of Amarillo. The footage shows a bright and mysterious light, much different from the natural phenomena of the area, in the sky. 

The man, who was working at a meatpacking plant at the time, said he felt the need to record the strange lights as he had not seen anything like them before. 

Are aliens really visiting us more often? Or are we all just a little bit mad after the crazy two years we’ve all had? You be the judge. 



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