Pound Falls Below Dollar For First Time Since 1985


The Great British pound falling below the United States dollar for the first time in 37 years has made me reflect on the 80’s! 

The woeful spending habits of the British public have come back to haunt them as, earlier this month, the pound fell 0.3% to 1.1474, its lowest since 1985. 

Our declining currency is also in part due to the rising value of the US dollar and the ongoing war in Europe. Whilst no single person is to blame, I have to shake my head at Britons for allowing their currency to become so devalued in the eyes of the world. 

We have a job to do as Britons, for it is our responsibility to lead the way in finance, culture, and sport. We’ve already won the Women’s Euros and charmed the world with our Platinum Jubilee celebrations, however we’re being seriously let down by those who fritter away their money.


Reflecting On The 1980’s

You’ve heard me rant about the curious spending habits of Millennials before, but apparently they refuse to listen to me as they continue to splash their cash on the materialistic things of life.

However, the recent news got me thinking about the 1980s and how I, and many others, took these times for granted.

Unlike today, the charts were chock-full of timeless classics from some of my favorite artists. Tears for Fears, Europe, Hall and Oates, and Flock of Seagulls were releasing some of their best work and little did we know about the golden age we were living through. 

Celebrating 100 Years Of The BBC

Celebrating 100 Years Of The BBC

Modernisation And Culture

The UK economy was thriving, too, with the outstanding Margaret Thatcher driving the country through a stunning modernisation process that we’re still enjoying today. Back then, young people were hungry for success and used their hard-earned finances for sensible investments. 

Culture in the 1980s was simply sublime. In the days before social media, we spent our post-work hours glued to the television watching seminal programs like Only Fools and Horses, Last of the Summer Wine, and Blackadder. Programs like Crimewatch helped keep us safe from anti-Royalists and punk rock fans, whilst Bullseye provided world-class family entertainment. 

Sadly, the only thing we have in common now is the dismal state of our currency. Last time we were lucky enough to be governed by a benevolent leader, and hopefully things turn out the same for us in 2022. 

No matter what happens to our Great British Pound, we must resign to the fact that the glory days of the 1980s have long passed us by, and there’s not a thing any of us can do about it. 


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