Rather Disappointed in James Corden


The beloved James Corden is in hot water after shocking allegations about his conduct have surfaced. Corden, who is rich and successful like me, wandered into a New York City restaurant for a simple meal with his wife and allegedly embarked on a fiery tirade towards the wait staff. 

He was promptly banned from the establishment, with its owner slamming Corden as a ‘cretin’. However, he was later unbanned after issuing an apology.


Apology Made

The former Gavin and Stacey man later admitted he was ‘ungracious’ towards staff, yet stressed it was never his intention to cause offence. The feud has since been settled, though millions of adoring Corden fans were upset with the TV icon. 

The owner of Balthazar, the restaurant where the showdown took place, took to Twitter to state: "Anyone magnanimous enough to apologise to a deadbeat layabout like me (and my staff) doesn't deserve to be banned from anywhere. Especially Balthazar."

How gracious. How humble. How amazing Corden is. Despite being remarkably talented and, presumably, very busy, the talk-show host is still considerate enough to find the time to speak to lowly restaurant staff and demonstrate his manners. 

Being rich and famous can certainly take its toll, and I think it’s unfair that we expect our celebrities to always walk around with a megawatt smile and calm demenour. It’s easy to forget that the Hollywood elite are people too and, like the common sort, are guilty of bad moods and off-days

Netflix Should Be Ashamed

Netflix Should Be Ashamed

Previous Allegations

The incident does not mark the first time Corden ‘s attitude has gotten him headlines. A 2019 ‘ask me anything’ post by Corden on Reddit quickly backfired after allegations about the actor’s attitude came to the surface. Whilst the allegations remain unproven, I doubt the actor enjoyed reading the comments. 

James Corden remains a national treasure and will likely be welcomed back to Britain with open arms. The host broke American hearts earlier this year by announcing his departure from the Late Late Show in April, and his private jet is scheduled to touch-down in England next spring. 

I sincerely hope the allegations concerning Corden’s manners are untrue, as he’s far too talented to act in such a way. He’s welcome in my home anytime as, like him, I’ve been partial to a restaurant rant or two in my time. How else are staff supposed to learn?

I may even wait for Corden at the airport when he arrives back in his homeland - with our dinner reservations in hand. 


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