Seems Netflix Has Gone Woke!


Global steaming giant Netflix may be losing its hegemonic grip on digital media after hundreds of thousands of subscribers have canceled their memberships. 

The mass exodus has been caused by factors such as an oversaturation of content, a focus on quantity over quality, and (in the opinions of some) the pursuit of politically-correct, ‘woke’ programming. 

The number of lost subscribers totaled 970,000. Though not as bad as the two million they were projecting, the mass cancellations will still hurt Netflix’s deep pockets.


COVID Peak For Netflix

Subscriptions peaked in 2020 when it seemed as though everyone with an Internet connection was viewing Netflix’s programs. As the world around us was metaphorically burning, we were enamoured with shows like Tiger King, The Queen’s Gambit, and the largely fictional and inaccurate The Crown. The shows, however good they were, provided company and escape from the surreal world events taking place outside our front doors. 

However, now that the peak of the coronavirus pandemic is (hopefully) in the past, people have discarded their Netflix accounts and moved on with their lives. Like a child abandoning a previously-cherished toy, consumers have outgrown their need for constant digital content and have started to explore alternate forms of entertainment. Their decisions may be callous, but Netflix must look at their plummeting numbers and wonder what went wrong. 

I Stand By John Cleese On Woke Culture Comments

I Stand By John Cleese On Woke Culture Comments

Netflix Decline

If you ask me, the decline of the once-almighty streaming platform began once they gave the green light to morally-inferior programs and documentaries. Take the aforementioned program The Crown as an example. Why, in their right minds, would Netflix higher-ups produce a program that dares portray the alleged dark side of our wonderful Royal Family? Do they really expect people to not be disgusted by this? 

Another problematic show is the rumoured special on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Much like The Crown, this special will get its kicks by defacing Britain’s greatest institution and shining a spotlight on the absent Royal couple. If I was in charge, I’d make sure this program never leaves the ground and the British public can be spared the outrage of listening to their Monarch’s grand name be dragged through the proverbial mud. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix’s secret agenda was to indoctrinate its viewers with anti-Establishment propaganda. Elon Musk, the genius behind SpaceX, Tesla, and PayPal, very much agrees with my sentiment. 

Musk Weighs In

In a recent Tweet, Musk stated: ‘’The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.’’ 

When Musk speaks, we must listen. A man as accomplished and successful as him must know what he’s talking about at least a little bit, so perhaps Netflix should listen to him and take his critique on board. The South African recently launched a bid to take over Twitter to defeat the very virus he was talking about, though he came up short in his pursuits. 

Go Woke, Go Broke

Netflix’s decline is only going to be further accelerated as they embrace anti-Establishment programming with open arms. Perhaps one way they could save their image is by producing wholesome, family-friendly documentaries about well-meaning leaders, monarchs, and politicians. It may not sound ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’, but I believe this kind of programming is what people seek most. 

The streaming giant has fallen victim to the old adage of ‘go woke, go broke.’ Until Netflix wakes up and smells the coffee, their decline into irrelevance will only continue.


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