Stick To Singing Rod


Singing legend Sir Rod Stewart is in my bad-books after making a suggestion that the Conservative Party should ‘stand down’ and pave the way for the Labour Party. 

Whilst I agree that Stewart has the right to have an opinion, my issue lies with the fact that he’s somehow now an expert in British politics and seems to be content with dividing his millions of fans.


Stewart Slams NHS

The comments came in an impromptu call with Sky News earlier this week. Stewart, who is now 78, looked like a madman as he berated our well-meaning political leaders. He described the NHS as being ‘run-down’ and added he had ‘never seen the country so bad’ in his almost 80 years of life. 

The comments both shocked and confused me at the same time.. Not because Stewart’s comments were objectively wrong, but rather it could open the floodgates to other singers giving their unwanted opinion. What’s next, Paul McCartney talking about the national budget? Mick Jagger discussing an upcoming election? Ray Davies talking about foreign relations?

As much as I respect these legends for what they’ve done in the field of music, I can’t see why it’s so hard for these people to simply stay in their lane. After all, you don’t see Theresa May at the Grammy awards of Boris Johnson hosting the Brit Awards, do you? 

Stick With Music

We can’t all agree on politics, but we can all agree that, sometimes, it’s best to engage in a classically-British stiff upper lip. Not everybody wants to listen to celebrities’ diatribe during the evening news, and musicians should provide escapism for our problems instead of reminding us. 

Stewart is also a fan of Celtic FC - a usually-great club, but I was bitterly disappointed with after the passing of the Queen. I’ll always love his music, but I can’t help but weeping when I read Stewart’s statements. The UK has seen better days, but we won’t get anywhere by playing the blame-game. 

Sir Rod Stewart has had six UK number-ones, and has been a mainstay of the British charts since the late 60s. His legacy is unquestioned, but his social commentary is not always needed. 


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