Tate Comments About Women Disgraceful


British-American influencer Andrew Tate has been in the headlines a lot over the last 18 months, with Tate mostly being on the receiving end of widespread derision and dislike. 

Tate, a former kickboxer, rose to fame on Big Brother and was eliminated from the show after a video surfaced of him attacking a woman with a belt. Since then, Tate has built a brand as a content creator and a social commentator - though most would agree his commentary isn’t rooted in sanity. 



Shock Value Engages

With his ‘macho’ image and glamorous filming locations, Tate seems to think of himself as some kind of masculine ideal. However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that his income probably comes from his polarsing Hustlers’ University course - a program that many believe to be an MLM and the real source of at least a portion of Tate’s alleged fortune. 

But Andrew Tate is doing nothing new. As the attention spans of the public get shorter and shorter, it takes an increasing amount of shock value to keep people engaged. If Tate wasn’t making chauvinistic comments, then nobody would take any notice of him. 

Get rich quick schemes are a dime-a-dozen on the Internet, and the ‘lavish playboy’ angle was already exploited to death by Dan Blizerian in the mid-2010s. Whilst most people rightfully condemn Tate for his image, our unwavering addiction to social media has helped create him. 

I’m giving Tate a pass by any means. I fully condemn his comments on women, but it's the so-called ‘money making’ side of his brand that goes viral, too. Short sound bites full of wishy-washy financial advice are designed from the ground-up to be shared and reposted. 

Goodriddence Tate

The images of ‘his’ luxury cars are perfect for Instagram (if Tate was allowed on it) and other forms of social media. Hustlers’ University is the ultimate end-game, constantly being mentioned by the man himself as a way to funnel people to his ‘definitely-not-a-pyramid-scheme' core business. 

The social media age provides fertile ground for content creators, for better or worse. Unfortunately, the most shocking ones create the most noise, and we all know that, as far as the Internet is concerned, there is no such thing as bad publicity. 

Though banning Tate made sense, it has made him somewhat of a martyr in the eyes of his fans. As 2023 begins, I hope that the vile comments of Andrew Tate become a thing of the past. 


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