The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

It is perhaps understandable that certain liberties be taken in the process of making a biographical film or television series for the sake of timings and clarity, but The Crown is a despicable piece of work that has proved to overstep the mark time and again when it comes to playing fast and loose with the truth. 

The historical drama, which has so far documented the Queen’s life from 1947 to the early 1990s, is set to release a fifth series later this year. There is no doubt that it has got this far due to its popularity with viewers and the many gongs it has picked up at prestigious awards ceremonies - but this sensationalist rubbish certainly won’t be gracing my television screen, not a chance. 


A Load Of Old Tosh!

After all Her Majesty has done for this country and the years of service she has given - and continues to give despite her advanced age - it’s outrageous that private aspects of the Queen’s life and that of her family have been turned into a television show that’s more fiction than fact. 

Close associates of the Royal Family have declared it’s all a load of old tosh as well with actress Joanna Lumley, a friend of Prince Charles’, declaring it to be ‘made-up’ and quite right too. How could the writers possibly accurately speculate on the content of private conversations, which ultimately serve to distort real life events? 

Four Day Working Week Is Preposterous

Four Day Working Week Is Preposterous

Earl Spencer Involvement

While I have nothing against historical dramas per se, the programme makers do little to ensure the viewers know that much of it will have been fabricated, thus they are at risk of taking it at face value and believing it to be the whole truth. 

These sentiments have already been expressed by Earl Spencer, the younger brother of the late Princess of Wales, who has also backed calls for a disclaimer at the beginning of the programme that recognises it is partly fictitious. 

While I believe The Crown should’ve never been allowed to enter production in the first place, I would agree this is a must-needed adjustment to the show. 

Chelsea Fans Paying The Price

Chelsea Fans Paying The Price

Intrusive And Crude

Previous ‘storylines’ have poked invasively into the Queen’s personal life, including the tragic, sudden death of her father King George VI as well as the marital struggles of her sister and children. 

It is crude that a person’s life should be played out for entertainment in a narrative they have absolutely no say in or control over. It is a small relief that the programme is set to come to an end with its sixth series and won’t be covering recent events in her reign such as Prince Harry’s withdrawal from Royal duties and the death of her beloved husband Prince Philip, thankfully. 

Shield The Queen From This Nonsense

Although, the next instalment is set to delve further into the 90s thus will almost certainly cover the Queen’s ‘annus horribilis’ in 1992. This horrific year for Her Majesty saw three of her children split from their spouses and a disastrous fire tear through Windsor Castle which ultimately caused extensive damage. 

I would hope the Queen remains shielded from this dredging up of painful memories but to remind the public of what has been one of the worst years of the Queen’s life is distaste of the highest order. 

Especially considering this should be a time when her reign is being celebrated on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee. No 95-year-old should be subjected to having some of their darkest moments played out for the masses to lap up when we should be remembering the staggering achievements of a record breaking 70 year reign. 

Devastated To Hear Of Shane Warne's Passing

Devastated To Hear Of Shane Warne's Passing

I will Boycott the Final Series

Of course I will be boycotting the upcoming final two series as I have done with the previous four and would implore anyone else who admires and has even a modicum of respect for Her Majesty to do the same. 

The damage is already done in many respects but if The Crown must continue let it bow out without any fanfare, nay, barely a whisper. 

Such a wonderful woman and role model does not deserve this utter fantasy to overshadow her later years as one of the greatest and most respectable monarchs this nation has had the pleasure of being led by. 


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