Inter-Planetary Crimes And Lunar Thugs


Those hoping for a hedonistic trip to The Moon this summer will have to rein in the shenanigans as Canada hopes to add lunar crimes to its Criminal Code. 

The bill, proposed earlier this week, would aims to criminalise interstellar hijinks in anticipation of humanity’s occupation of The Moon. Though the law only applies to Canadian space goers, it is assumed that people of all nationalities will eventually face their own restrictions. 

Canada’s Criminal Code already penalises illegal acts committed by astronauts travelling on the International Space Station, but it has always lacked Moon-specific laws and regulations. This new law, though yet to be approved, is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.  


Lunar Landings Expected In 2025

NASA’s Artemis hopes to deliver people to the lunar surface by 2025. Remarkably, nobody has set foot on our satellite since 1972 and our continued absence has left The Moon free from any laws or prohibitions. Should we ever colonise it, The Moon risks being a hotbed for poor behaviour and Las Vegas-level depravity.  

Such behaviour should never be encouraged regardless if it takes place on our planet or not. I’m surprised this bill has taken so long to be suggested, let alone devised, considering our rapid scale of development and overpopulation of Earth. 

The Sue Gray Report Showcases British Transparency

The Sue Gray Report Showcases British Transparency

Time For Britain To Prepare

For me, there are certain non-negotiables that need to happen should we ever make our extraterrestrial journey - no anti-government sentiment and absolutely no talk of whether we still need the monarchy or not. The Moon, for intents and purposes, is still property of the Earth and should not be treated any differently by its British residents. I’m also hoping that British English becomes the de-facto Moon language, but I guess time will tell. 

Our government should prepare in advance and quell any lunar anarchy before it happens. Union Jacks need to put in place, order must be created, and the continuation of British culture should absolutely be paramount. 

But then again, I’m not in charge of Moon laws so I have no idea what life would be like should we ever visit. Should I ever reside there, I would hate the idea of being so far from Buckingham Palace, but I love the idea of being thousands of miles away from other countries. I’m in two minds about it as you can tell, but the idea of strict, harsh laws makes me feel a little bit better. 

I’m certain that other countries will soon follow suit and create their own laws for what happens 380,000 miles away. It’s inevitable that with civilization comes disorder, so we better prepare for inter-planetary misconduct and lunar thugs well in advance. 



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