Buying Value Brands When Things Get Tough


A cabinet minister has come under fire for suggesting that struggling consumers should buy value brands to deal with the increasingly tough economic conditions this country faces. 

The minister in question, George Eustice, has been labelled as cold and ‘out of touch’ for his comments. I wholeheartedly disagree and think that the backlash to his comments is typical media overreaction and public sensationalism. 


A Sad Indictment On Moral Fibre

What’s the difference between a Waitrose brand hand soap and a generic one? Absolutely nothing. Both get the job done, and both will clean your hands just as well. In my opinion, people only buy luxury brand products as a status symbol and not due to the effectiveness of the product. They want to be seen buying and using this products and it’s a sad indictment on the moral fibre of today’s society. 

Once again, our government is right on the money with their analysis and, once again, their words have been taken out of context and twisted around by the press. The public has been far too emotional in their response - a fact that is not at all surprising. 

Absolutely Right, Rees-Mogg They Should Return To The Office

Absolutely Right, Rees-Mogg They Should Return To The Office

Comments About Curbing Spending

All Eustice is saying is that shoppers may have to make some small economic sacrifices if they want to continue experiencing the privilege of British life. Let’s face it, a great number of the purchases we make are entirely superfluous and have no real need in our lives. When I visit my local supermarket, Waitrose, I often see young people wasting their cash on products they’re not likely to use more than a handful of times. Eustice is calling on them to curb their spending and opt for cheaper alternatives. I see no harm in that. 

I’m fully inclined to agree with him. In today’s tough economic climate, it makes perfect sense to make the switch to budget brand and value products to save a few extra pounds. Those extra pounds, no matter how small they sound, could go a long way to helping Millennials enter the housing market or elderly people power their electric blankets. 

Some say the Tories are living in a ‘parallel universe’, but I say they’re living in a much more logical one. Even I will be capping my spending over the next few months - proving that even successful people will feel the wrath of this tough economy. I’ve already had to lay off several gardners and it looks like my dream loft conversion will have to wait until at least autumn. I’ve been living off Sainsbury’s-bought meat and poultry, and made the switch to New Zealand white wine as opposed to my preferred French. What's your excuse?

Take Me Back To The 1970’s!

Take Me Back To The 1970’s!

No Harm In “Tough Love” Advice

Our government is not out of touch, but is logical. It's great at delivering ‘tough love’ style advice when we most need it, and only the softest of people take offence to that. Take a look at the enduring leadership delivered by our Prime Minister, or the humorous, dry wit of Jacob Rees-Mogg. These people have worked hard to get to their positions, so the least we could do is pay attention to their advice. 

So, shoppers, though it may be tempting to treat yourself to that bottle of Dove shampoo or a case of European lager, remember that those extra pounds can be invaluable. Even saving a fraction of your money can, and will, build up over several months - putting you in a much better position to buy your first house or pay off those pesky student loans. 

If you fail to do this, then don’t say the government didn’t warn you, because they absolutely did. 



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