Tussauds Vandals Need Punishing!


Heartless protesters have defaced a waxwork statue of His Majesty King Charles III by throwing cake in its face. The statue, located at the famous Madame Tussauds, was thankfully undamaged after cleaning. 

Two Just Stop Oil activists covered the waxwork of our dear new King in chocolate cake as the protesters’ reign of terror goes on. Earlier this year, the group interrupted a Premier League match before turning their attention to a painting by the great Vincent Van Gough. Now, their sinister campaign goes on with an attack on the King’s likeness.


Tussauds Reaction

Madame Tussauds stated: "Our security team dealt with the incident quickly and we are working closely with the Metropolitan Police on this matter. The attraction remains open, with our Royal Family set closed temporarily."

Just Stop Oil have quickly made things personal with me. Though I certainly didn’t approve of their other acts, their decision to target our King crosses the line. Defacing a painting is cheap, defacing a Royal likeness is borderline psychopathic. 

The two protesters, both in their 20s, stated: ‘’The science is clear. The demand is simple: just stop new oil and gas. It’s a piece of cake.”’

How Dare They Deface A Van Gough!

How Dare They Deface A Van Gough!

Committed To Environmental Causes

What these Just Stop Oil protesters fail to realise is that our King has been deeply committed to environmental causes for several decades. His Majesty, perhaps more than anybody, has used his platform to champion renewable energy, green living, and environmental protection to the public. He’s far more committed to climate action than these protesters, who will most likely only be a part of Just Stop Oil until the next trend comes along. 

Making the vandalism even more heartless is the fact that our dear King has only been in power for a few weeks, and is most likely still hurting after the death of his irreplaceable mother. Our Royals are also dealing with the cost-of-living crisis, a debacle that will force them to cut back on their beautifully lavish lifestyles. 

I hope the King severely punishes these cheeky eco-warriors and reminds them just who is in charge. His Majesty’s already-superb reign is just beginning, yet he’s already accomplished more in a few weeks than a Just Stop Oil protester will achieve in their lifetime. 


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