Wedding Season Burdens


Wedding Season

It’s wedding season. A wonderful time of the year when soon-to-be-weds count down to their big day, nervously refreshing their weather app of choice for the latest forecast. Will their gamble of selecting an outside venue pay off or will the Great British summer have other ideas with rainy weather?

And for the guests, there’s now quite the build up too. Now, weddings are often in out-of-town locations in the middle of nowhere. So transport and overnight stays join the list of items to sort alongside a new suit after last year’s option inevitably becomes to tight 12 months later.

Start Budgeting

For those close enough to the wedding party to be invited on the stag do or hen do, get your abacus out because you need to start budgeting well in advance. The days of a quality night out in the local has been replaced by expensive flights to far-flung destinations with large groups of people you barely know and probably dislike. 

Santorini with the girls or Barcelona with the boys. Neither are cheap and you’ll forever taint your friendships by putting up any form of resistance.  

Let’s also look at the wedding gifting scene. Previously a bottle or small item for a home was plenty to bring with you to a wedding. But now, newlyweds have websites linking to exact, often expensive and top-of-the-range items they are looking for you to buy.

It goes without saying, too, that the free bar at a wedding is a thing of the past. 

In theory, you only get married once in this life, so of course you want to ensure it’s a day to remember. But don’t start making the cost of getting married so high that you begin making it difficult for your close friends and family to also attend. 


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