Woke Brigade At It Again


I opened my newspaper this morning and almost spat my tea all over it. Hysterically laughing, I almost fell off my chair when I read that BLM wish to rename a park currently dedicated to former Prime Minister William Gladstone after bumbling MP Diane Abott. 


Gladstone On The Cancel Hit list

It’s like a political satire come to life. One funnier than Monty Python could ever dream to write. As a lifelong fan of Gladstone, I’m disappointed with the decision but not surprised considering how much of his life has been whitewashed by the left due to his father’s involvement in the slave trade. Whilst the trade is grim by today’s standards, you have to remember that those i the 19th century were people of their  time and we can only judge them on the customs of the day. 

In fact, Gladstone was a staunch abolitionist and possessed views very much ahead of his time. He never owned slaves and even ranted about the inhumanity of it several times. The left, however, appear to have not done their research and seek to cancel him simply because of his legacy amongst modern conservatives. 

BLM Are Hypocrites

BLM Are Hypocrites

Incompetent Abbot

Anyway, let's get to the real talking point - the park’s potential namesake, Diane Abott. I’ve spent many hours laughing at her sheer incompetence and inability to do basic arithmetic. Remember the time she stated that the cost of hiring 10,000 new police officers would cost just £30,000? I wish, Diane. 

Then there was the time she was caught shamefully drinking a can of gin and tonic on the London Overground. With the public up in arms about Boris Johnson’s alcoholic hijinks, there was a worrying lack of outrage when the beloved Abott was snapped getting her fix. To make matters worse, the female MP flouted Overground rules by consuming alcohol in their trains. 

I could go on and on about the many faux-pas of Diane Abott, but this article would never end if I did so. Naming a park after her is one thing, but having her name replace one of the finest leaders in UK history is a bridge too far for me. Gladstone is in an entirely different league to Abott in terms of leadership skills, intellect, and general competence and the fact the two are being discussed together is laughable. 

An Asylum Plan To Be Proud Of

An Asylum Plan To Be Proud Of

Anti-British Discrimination

Why the woke brigade is so keen to lap up everything Abott says is beyond me but I’d wager it’s due to the fact that she’s neither white nor male. In the eyes of the left, a straight, white male is a pantomime villain and is, by proxy, less competent than a female minority. It’s a subtle, anti-British form of discrimination that is simply ignored in mainstream media. 

The renaming debate is the latest attempt at left-wing brainwashing. Children will play in this park and shouldn’t have to wonder why it is named after a left-wing politician. Imagine the hysteria if the roles were reversed and a park named after a woke hero was instead named after a Tory Prime Minister. There would be outrage, blacklisting, and the left’s favorite tool - the petition. 

Easter Airport Crisis Is Deplorable

Easter Airport Crisis Is Deplorable

Left-Wing Lunacy Laughable

If you don’t laugh, you cry. Society has gotten to the point where I’m anticipating the latest round of daily left-wing lunacy because I don’t have a choice. I won’t be surprised if my local street is renamed Jeremy Corbyn Boulevard or if my local pub is renamed the Hammer & Sickle. Britain really is in trouble, but I’ve chosen to find this fact humorous (when I can) rather than let it get to me too much. 

I, for one, won’t be visiting Diane Abott park but if I ever did, I’ll be sure to open a can of gin and tonic and publicly indulge myself just as she did three years ago. 



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