Delighted With The Prospect Of Elon Musk Purchasing Twitter


Elon Musk, the billionaire magnate behind Tesla and Space-X, has recently  pledged to purchase $2.64bn of Twitter shares - an investment that would make the South African the platform’s largest individual shareholder and most influential individual. 


Musk Is A Visionary

Though the deal is not complete as of yet, the reports alone were enough to make me giddy with excitement. Musk is a visionary, a man who takes no prisoners and often lambasts his critics on his own Twitter page. 

It’s a delightfully refreshing take from the usual PR-inspired nonsense found on most of the accounts of the ultra-wealthy. Musk actually has a personality and is not afraid to state what he really thinks. Had he been born British, he’d most likely by my favorite billionaire. 

Joe Rogan Critics Are Responsible For Culture War!

Joe Rogan Critics Are Responsible For Culture War!

Musk The Antidote For The Woke

But Musk’s potential purchase is about a lot more than memes and humorous posts. Over the past few years, social media companies have threatened the very nature of democracy. 

Companies have sold out and gone woke. Celebrities have been canceled for past tweets. Authors have been blacklisted for expressing their views on gender. Presidents have been removed for inspiring their people to take action. 

Yet these platforms champion their ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘diversity’ at every opportunity. They love to remind us how open-minded they are and how their reach can give everybody a voice. The truth is, that is only possible if that person is a liberal and is prepared to believe in a predetermined set of values handed to them by the powers that be. 

A shocking assault on our freedom is under way on our computers, in our universities, and even during our sports. Neo-Marxism has taken the left by storm and a guy like Musk, rich and powerful beyond belief, could provide the antidote to this deadly poison. 

Granted, the purchase hasn’t gone through yet, but the very notion of this happening is a light at the end of the tunnel. Armed with over 80 million followers, Musk has the audience, and the money, to start a cyberspace revolution and knock the left off its long-standing perch. 

Delightful Vindication For Musk

Hopefully Elon Musk can restore normality to the once-great platform known as Twitter. His business successes speak for themselves, and the self-made nature of his achievements have made him persona non grata in the eyes of the left - who are so adamant that success can only come from government aid or so-called ‘unions.’ 

Musk has been a thorn in their side for years and his decision to purchase large amounts of Twitter shares is delightful vindication. 

An Asylum Plan To Be Proud Of

An Asylum Plan To Be Proud Of

Free Internet Vision

Musk has shared his vision of a ‘free’ internet - one that I simply love the sound of. Being able to express Anglocentric views and gushing status updates about our Royal Family has me salivating. 

I can only imagine logging onto Twitter in the morning to find actual, meaningful discussion about important (aka British) issues without people on the right being removed for not fitting their incredibly niche quotas and laser-focused agenda

Free speech hangs on a knife-edge right now and it’s vital we protect it at all costs. Musk himself is a self-proclaimed ‘free speech absolutist’ and, whilst he has authored some questionable Tweets in the past, I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him on his quest to renovate Twitter into the platform we all know it has the potential to be. 

He may even let shunned former President Donald Trump back onto the site if he feels necessary. Who knows. 

Elon Musk’s vision of Twitter utopia sounds alluring and hopefully he delivers on his promise. 

Even if the purchase doesn’t go through or is somehow blocked, he still will have succeeded in ruffling the feathers of the left and making them look over their scrawny, narrow shoulders. Watch out, snowflakes, social media as you know it could all change soon. 



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