X Subscription On The Way


Subscription Fee

Elon Musk has suggested that every single X, formerly Twitter, user might have to start paying to use the platform. 

Musk took over the then-Twitter last year and has overhauled the platform since - renaming it and adding in a charge for users to verify themselves. The South African’s ownership has been controversial, but the platform remains as popular as ever, with no signs of slowing down. 

The Tesla and SpaceX boss recently spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it was in this conversation where Musk’s paywall idea was brought up. “We're moving to having a small monthly payment for use of the system,” he stated in his chat with Netanyahu, and this announcement is sure to annoy millions of X users. 

The idea of social media platforms charging users has been around for a while now, however Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have all remained 100% free - something that’s great for attracting users, but not ideal for ridding bots and fake accounts. Musk hopes that an X paywall will make it more difficult for scammers to invade the platform and spread harmful information. 

Paid Premium Services

X already offers a paid Premium service where users can enjoy more visibility and longer posts, but it’s still currently available in its original, free incarnation. The paywall possibility will surely upset and perhaps even outrage long-time X users, but I think it’s for the greater good. With great popularity comes great responsibility, and I’m backing Musk to remove the scammers and restore his platform to its previous heights.

I also greatly admire Musk’s business acumen and rest assured if I was in charge of X, I’d have charged users a long time ago - and with a much higher fee. I’ve spent many evenings dreaming about a Lord Ping-owned social media platform with anti-Royalists and punk rock fans being ruled and censored with an iron fist. Sometimes I think Elon Musk is living my dream life, but then I take a look at my stately home and realise I’m not doing too badly, either. A small subscriber fee may be peanuts to me, but the average folk may not be able to scrounge up the fee whatsoever. 

I fully support Elon Musk’s genius paywall decision, and I look forward to using my subscription fee to line his pockets further. 


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