Ask Lord Ping Can You Play Roulette for a Living?

can you play roulette for a living


We’ve all seen those high tension scenes in movies where characters stare each other down at the roulette table with millions on the line or the story of Charles De Ville Wells a Victorian gambler known as ‘the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo’. But outside of works of fictions and conmanship (in the case of De Ville), is it actually possible to play roulette for a living? Keep on reading as Lord Ping investigates.


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What is Online Roulette?

Roulette requires a table with a spinning wheel and a gridded "layout." This layout divides numbers into three columns with extra boxes on one side. Players place 'straight up' bets on specific numbers, propositions like "black" or "odd"  and 'call' bets with specially coloured chips. Most 'professional' gamblers play at brick-and-mortar casinos, but can a career be made of playing online roulette?

The feel of online roulette differs from that of live roulette. You nearly always play by yourself online, so you have complete control over when the game begins. There is no need to slow down the game by accepting bets from several players.

You place your wagers and then press the "spin" button. When the computerised wheel starts spinning, your bets are locked in until the game is over. Online roulette uses RNG software to simulate the randomness of spinning a roulette wheel to ensure all outcomes are fair.

Can You Play Online Roulette for a Living?

Now we know the nature of the game, it’s time to get down to answering the question at hand. Can you play roulette for a living? The short, uncomplicated answer is yes, so long as there are no laws in your country preventing you from playing. However, nothing is ever that simple, so while on paper no one can stop you from trying to earn your living from online roulette games, there are some serious factors you need to consider which make this choice an inadvisable move. 

Online Roulette is a Game of Chance

As with all casino games, roulette is a game of chance. This means that there is no consistently reliable or ‘surefire’ way to guarantee wins (outside of illegal means). In the case of real-world roulette, the chance factor comes from the randomness achieved by the human element as no dealer, no matter how skilled, could spin a wheel at the same speed and drop the ball at the same time, every time. In online roulette, RNG software is used to randomise results, but more on this in the next section. 

Put simply, while there are statistical estimations and likelihoods, these are only mathematical predictions, meaning there’s no certainty when it comes to roulette. So, think for a second if you would want to work a 9-5 job where the boss tells you they may or may not pay you depending on random chance, and you can start to see why a career playing roulette isn’t a feasible objective for most. 

Online Roulette RNG

Online roulette games, and indeed any roulette game which features an automated wheel incorporate Random Number Generation technology (RNG), to ensure that the outcomes presented are completely random and do not follow a measurable metric or system. Statistics presented such as RTP and/or hit rates are statistical averages based on hundreds of rounds. 

Therefore, when playing online roulette, if you only stick around for 20 rounds or so, you might find yourself on a frustrating losing streak. This means that professional roulette players will need to play hundreds of rounds per session, which needs a hefty bankroll to undertake.

The Betting Systems are not Fool-Proof

Some professional gamblers have their ‘tried and true’ systems which they stick to and often become synonymous with, thus giving their name to the system they pioneered such as the Martingale or D’alembert strategies. However, while some betting systems can help ensure you keep the RTP for the game at its upper limit by making the optimal decisions, they cannot predict or promise wins. Many of these systems such as the Martingale, which has the player double their wager after each loss, can cause your wager cost to spike, meaning a large bankroll will be required. 

So, as you can see, with online roulette and all casino games, nothing is ever for certain, and when it comes to paying your bills at the end of the month, you’ll probably want a revenue stream which is more concrete!

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Play The Finest Online Roulette Games on Lord Ping

To conclude, while there are professional roulette players out there, these are few and far between. For most of us games like online roulette, table games, and live casino games are best played as a fun hobby and not a money-making strategy. One thing remains essential whether you’re a pro player or a casual one; always gamble responsibly, and for the finest online roulette games, sign up and play today at Lord Ping.


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