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The groundbreaking random multiplier mechanism developed by Playtech caused quite a commotion in the online live casino games industry, and Quantum Roulette was one of the first live roulette games to incorporate it. While the standard 37-segment wheel for European Roulette is still there, Playtech amps up the excitement with five multipliers that go all the way up to 500x in Quantum Roulette.

So, with the standard formula of roulette having been given a complete remix, what are the best strategies and tricks to utilise when playing Quantum Roulette?  Keep on reading as Lord Ping explores the best tips and tricks for Quantum Roulette in our Live Casino Strategy Guide.


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Quantum Roulette: An Introduction

Quantum Roulette is a live casino whose core rules and wheels follow the European Roulette format. Quantum Roulette multiplies payouts on up to 5 randomly selected straight-up bet numbers by 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x, 450x, up to a maximum of 500x.

Quantum Boosts can randomly add 50x to a multiplier, while Quantum Leaps can double or triple it up to 500x. Straight-up numbers without multipliers pay 29:1, unlike 35:1 in European Roulette to account for the added multipliers.

Quantum Roulette employs an Auto Slingshot Roulette wheel operated by pressured air and read by lasers, so the live host is not involved with the operation of the wheel in any way. A random number generator (RNG) randomly selects multipliers, their value, and the straight-up numbers and has been third-party tested for fairness.

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Quantum Roulette Tips 

Listed below are our top tips for playing Quantum Roulette ranging from the basics to some handy gameplay facts to keep in mind. Remember though, overall, you should always practise responsible gaming, and when the fun stops; stop. 

Learn the Game

As touched upon in the section above, Quantum Roulette is a live roulette game that adds embellishment to traditional European Roulette in the form of multipliers and modifiers. If you’re familiar with Lightning Roulette from Evolution Live then you’ll be faced with a similar scenario here. However, if not, make sure you brush up on the rules of play. The live host is there to help you and can answer questions you have via the live chat feature, but to avoid wasting money on ‘sucker’ bets, make sure you’re up to speed with the rules. As the game is live, you cannot play it in demo mode, but a top tip is to sit back and watch a few rounds be played without wagering, to get a clear picture of things.

Don’t Ignore the Outside Bets

As the multipliers only apply to straight-up bets, it can be easy to solely focus on these wagers in the hope of landing a large prize. However, outside bets; which are wagers that apply to broader categories of numbers such as ‘red’ or ‘black’, though the payout is lower, occur much more frequently. Therefore, if you forget these wagers you could be missing out on some small but statistically frequent wins which could top up your bankroll. Therefore consider placing a straight-up   

Multipliers Are Only Applicable for Straight-Up Bets

This is another reminder that the exciting Quantum multipliers only apply to straight-up wagers. If you need a refresher; straight-up wagers are those made on a single number. The 1-5 multiplier numbers are selected at random once the betting window has closed, as are their values, and whether or not the Quantum Leap or Quantum Boost feature becomes active. 

Therefore, if relying on the multipliers of Quantum Roulette, you’ll have to get lucky and predict the multiplier numbers correctly, or expect to place multiple straight-up wagers to increase the odds - even then though; remember for the multiplier to pay out, it will need to be the winning outcome. This is why combining a straight-up wager with an outside bet can be handy for maintaining your bankroll for a few extra rounds, but, of course, everything is down to chance.

Lastly, because of the potential high value awarded for straight-up wagers, all straight-up bets will pay out at a 29:1 ratio, instead of 35:1 seen in typical European Roulette. 

Quantum Roulette Strategies

Like all other casino games, whether live, online, or real-world, Quantum Roulette is a game of chance; meaning that no legitimate strategy or method can accurately predict or guarantee wins. However, some strategies have gained some traction with Quantum Roulette players, which we’ve explored in more detail below:

Bet on All Numbers

When you play Quantum Roulette, it is ‘technically’ possible to win every time. In theory, to win, you just need to bet on every single number, which costs 36 chips. This does not, however, mean that you will always win a large multiplier payout as the multiplier number needs to match the spot that wins. Another problem is that multipliers are built on random numbers, and the coveted 500x has a very small chance of showing up, not to mention that the two boosters ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Quantum Boost’ are also rare occurrences too.

Considering that successful straight-wagers only pay out 29:1 and not the 36:1 seen in traditional roulette, each spin you win without additional wagers or a successful multiplier payout will have you losing 6 chips per spin making this a high-risk strategy that will eat through your bankroll.

This style of betting could also be argued to take the fun out of the game. One of the most loved things about roulette is its simplicity and the feeling of fun that comes with watching the wheel spin, hoping your lucky number shows up. If you’re guaranteed to win at least something with each spin, watching the ball skitter across the wheel loses its lustre making wagering become perfunctory and potentially increasing the risk of irresponsible gaming practices.

Bet on a Wheel Section

With this strategy, players pick a section of the wheel such as 1-12 and make straight-up wagers on these selected numbers. While this does increase the chances of a straight-up wager payout as opposed to one or two straight-up bets per spin, and will cost less than betting on all numbers, the odds of a payout are slimmer, and the chance of winning a multiplier prize is slimmer still, despite the overall cost per spin being substantial. This is one of the times where the phrase ‘no half measures’ applies, as if you want to take this approach you are statistically better off wagering on all numbers; so long as you have the bankroll available to do so.

A modified version of this approach would be to place straight-up wagers on a section of the wheel, plus an outside wager. While it's possible that both these wagers won’t result in a win, outside wagers cover larger sections of the wheel, and though they do not pay as highly, do appear more frequently and whilst they won’t net you the jaw-dropping potential wins of Quantum numbers, they can contribute (even slightly) to maintaining your bankroll for a few more spins - just make sure to always stick within your budget!

Bet on your Favourite Numbers

We all have our lucky numbers; whether you’re classic and love the lucky sevens, or like to buck the trend and make unlucky thirteen your lucky charm. Consistently wagering on the same numbers is a good way of utilising the convenient ‘favourite bet’ option seen in most online and live games. As outcomes are always random, you’re just as likely to win when betting on the same numbers as you are changing them every time. Not to mention, of course, that no one wants to see their lucky number(s) come in the round after they decide to switch!

Play Quantum Roulette Live on Lord Ping

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