18-Years On And Reagan Remains One Of The Greatest


Last month marked 18 years since Presidential great Ronald Reagan passed away at the ripe old age of 93. Considered by many (including myself) to be one of the greatest politicians of all-time, his death brought an end to the golden age of conservatism.

A former Hollywood actor, Reagan became President in 1981 and swiftly cleaned up the mess left by the ‘edgy’ 1970s. During his reign, punk music disappeared from the charts, crime decreased, and the economy prospered. He ushered in a new era of national pride, resourcefulness, and traditional family values.

He may have been on the other side of the pond, but Reagan's influence and relationship with Margaret Thatcher proved invaluable even in the United Kingdom.


Reagan And Thatcher

How good did we have it back then? On one side of the Atlantic, we had Ronald Reagan lowering taxes and making people believe in their dreams whilst on the other, we had Thatcher crushing loud trade unionists and giving businessmen like myself a helping hand. I, like many others, took this era very much for granted as I believed the good times would never end. 

We could really use Regan and Thatcher in today’s world. Modern society’s obsession with strikes, complaining, and critique of the establishment is allowed to run rampant due to the lack of strong leadership and the general decline of society’s morals. 

Though I can’t speak highly enough of Boris Johnson, I don’t believe his leadership style is comparable to what we all took for granted in the 1980s. Johnson is lovable, yet he lacks the cold and calculated touch displayed by Thatcher and Reagan. 

5 Things I Love About Being British

5 Things I Love About Being British

Reagan’s Leadership Style

That’s why I wish Reagan was still around now. He’d be the one to lead both the USA and the United Kingdom into a new, more powerful era all whilst charming the public with his witty banter and legendary one-liners.

We haven’t seen a leader like him since and his absence is still felt almost two decades after his death. The moral fiber of his country has descended to shocking levels and the optimism created by his Presidency has long been eroded. 

It seems that most people are happy to let Reagan’s superb work go in vain. Not me, though, as I make sure I abide by his and Thatcher’s moral codes every single day. Some say I’m stuck in the past, but I say I merely subscribe to higher ideals and standards. 

Resurrect Thatcher, Churchill And Reagan

Now that the UK has (finally) freed itself from the shackles of the European Union, our relationship with the USA is more important than ever. Our Atlantic partner needs strong, sturdy leadership along with a re-introduction of traditional family values. If I could devise a way to bring Reagan back to life, I absolutely would. 

I’d also work on resurrecting Thatcher and Churchill to help teach this generation a lesson or two. Work ethic, patriotism, and financial lessons would all be on this glorious agenda should these great people ever grace our lives again and we can only hope that one day technology allows us to do so. 

Until then, I’ll keep a framed picture of the former President on my desk. Reagan may not be here in person, but his enduring spirit, wisdom, and greatness are all reincarnated through me. 


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